Kim Eastlake

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2017


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Kim Eastlake

BBA in MIS, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Hello and thank you for visiting my e-portfolio! My name is Kim Eastlake and I am a senior at Temple University. I am graduating from the Fox School of Business in December 2016 with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Marketing and Leadership (Human Resources Management). I currently work as a Senior Peer Advisor at the Fox Center for Undergraduate Advising.

I am currently seeking full-time employment in an MIS related field. I chose MIS as a major because this field is the future. Understanding and leveraging technology is absolutely imperative in order to remain relevant in the business world. I am also passionate about technology and enjoy researching digital innovations and how they are changing the way corporations operate.

I have included pages in my e-portfolio about my academic, professional, and personal goals and achievements. Please feel free to browse my site and get to know me better! If you would like to view my resume, check out my resume page. If you are interested in contacting me, please refer to my contact page. Thanks for stopping by!

 Below is my favorite quote that describes my passion for business and my admiration for entrepreneurs:

“First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down.” 
― Ray Bradbury 

7 thoughts on "Welcome"

  • Miranda Quinn says:

    Although I did not recently choose to major in MIS, I chose to minor in it for the exact reasons that you stated above. Technology is becoming more important to businesses’s everyday and will continue to in the future. It is important for us to keep up with technology as much as possible and have a good understanding of it. Businesses now a days are looking for employees who are good with technology and having a degree in MIS definitely helps.
    Good luck in the future!

    1. Kim Eastlake says:

      Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate that we have that shared interest in technology because I believe not only does it make us competitive in our academic endeavors, but it will set us apart from our coworkers in the organizations we end up working after graduation. Because we have these advanced skill sets, I believe we will be eligible for promotions and leadership positions earlier than our colleagues. Hopefully I end up being in one of your MIS classes in the future!

  • Eric Zoleski says:

    It’s nice to know someone whose from your hometown! Though I am not majoring in MIS, I am minoring in it and strongly agree with you that being able to leverage technology will anyone in business succeed. I am also looking for an internship this summer and hope to work with a marketing firm that will help me gain more experience in the marketing field. I enjoyed browsing your E-portfolio and wish you the best of luck going forward in your academic career.

  • Andrew Melville says:

    Hello Kim,
    I am also a major in MIS and completely agree with the things you said. Innovative technology and knowing how to leverage it can be the difference between making money and losing money in this this ever-increasingly competitive workforce. Our skill set gained by being MIS majors should give us an edge when it comes to getting a job! Maybe I’ll see you in AIS sometime or in a class!

  • Rosa Stephanie Quispe says:

    Kim you have a great e-portfolio! It’s so comprehensive and I love the video link of the pigs. Your site speaks for itself and I’m confident you will achieve all that you set out to do.

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