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Ask Andy (and Jeff) Anything: Dashboard Deep Dive

On January 23, I attended Tableau Software\’s \”Ask Andy (And Jeff) Anything: Dashboard Deep Dive\” webinar. This webinar was hosted by Jeff Shaffer and Andy Cotgreave to answer questions posed by viewers of their previous 6-session series \”Building Dashboards that Persuade, Inform and Inspire.\” Some of my favorite questions were about how to make dashboards more color-blind friendly, how many colors to use, and whether dashboards should be created for multiple devices (like mobile) or only be available on a primary device.

It was awesome to listen to two industry professionals/Tableau experts talk about something they are passionate about. I learned that while \”traffic light\” colors (red, green, yellow) are the most popular colors in dashboards, but they create an issue when people with colorblindness are viewing or working with them. I also learned to minimize the number of colors used (so as not to confuse the user) and to know your audience when deciding whether or not to create a dashboard view-able on mobile.

As I am an aspiring data analyst, this webinar was very enjoyable. I will someday need to use Tableau Software on a near-daily basis, so I am trying to start learning now by attending live webinars and viewing past sessions.

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