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OWLbox, powered by box.com, is Temple’s new free resource for storing, sharing and collaborating on files. The OWLbox website offers students, faculty, and staff 50GB of storage space, access to files anywhere including mobile devices, and sync capability with desktop files.

There is a Facebook-like feature where you can comment and exchange feedback on files you are sharing. The box service automatically keeps previous versions of the documents. In addition you can assign tasks to a shared file and supply a due date.

Your assignments should be submitted via OWLbox for grading. Once graded, you will be able to view all feedback via this tool.

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  • This article shows the various ways that large companies are making use of data warehouses to enhance their business intelligence. It shows the incredible amount of data that these virtual warehouses are able to store, and goes into a little background on the whole business of data warehouses.

    Some questions to think about:

    1. Do you think data warehouses are here to stay, or just a passing trend that will diminish over time?
    2. Is the data stored in these warehouses safe?
    3. Most companies that use data warehouses are very large. Do you think smaller companies will begin to use data warehouses more as the price drops, and our society becomes more complex?

  • Nick Noell
    Project 3 C – Google Analytics Results
    1. Visit the Google site and analyze the total visits, bounce rate, traffic sources, and page views on your site. Write a short paragraph summarizing the specific numbers and what they mean (not the definitions of these fields but what the data is telling you).

    • I have had 23 different visits to my e-portfolio page from 9 visitors for an average of 2.5 visits per person. Some people are visiting just one time and others are coming back for more than one visit.

    • There are a total of 96 pages visited for an average of 4.17 pages viewed per visit. This is consistent with my Welcome page, resume page, certification page and linked pages.

    • The average time per visit is 4:26 minutes per visit, so it is just a little over one minute per page.

    • I have a 30.43% bounce rate and have read that any rate below 50% is average. That I should be concerned if the bounce rate goes above 50%. I feel that as I add more data, deals and information to my portfolio, people will stay longer. This should help to reduce my bounce rate.

    • Also, up to this point most of the visitors to my e-portfolio page have been family members of friends who know me. If I would contact a potential employer, they would take longer to read through my resume and this would increase the Average Visit Duration.

    2. List three specific changes you can make to your site to increase the total visits.

    A) I took my e-portfolio picture in a hotel room up in Montreal, so that I could complete Project 3B on time. I plan on having a professional picture taken of me in my suit and tie, with a smile to be more welcoming to visitors!

    B) I want to add more detail to my e-portfolio, so that people stay longer and read the pages for a longer period of time and reduce my bounce rate. Specifically, I want to add pictures of my ASQ and AIB Quality Certifications as well as pictures and screen shots of my Navy Awards.

    C) I plan to ask some open ended questions, so that people who visit the site will stay longer and make comments. For example, I know that the older beekeepers are more than willing to share their ideas and opinions to new beekeepers. I can ask about feeding bees, care for the hives, treatment for stinks and about the different types of honey.
    I also plan to add more deal to my experience with the Navy in Willow Grove, Pa. There are a lot of sailors that I worked with, who I can get in contact with through the portfolio. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world with the Navy and can list places that I have gone and sites that I have visited.

    3. Write a short paragraph which explains how you could use this tool in the future to help you distribute information or sell products/services on the web more effectively.
    I plan to attach a link to my Linkedin Page that would direct a person to my e-portfolio page to help distribute my information. I can use Google Analytics to monitor the visitor traffic and see what pages and items are generating the most visitors and interest.
    I would craft my web-site and business around the success of the visits to the site and identify longer visit rates and how that translates to orders. I can phase out items that draw little interest and focus on the items that are getting the most visits. I can use this tool to direct my business direction.
    We have spoken about Amazon.com during the course and I have learned about them and how they use the analytical tools to track and manage future business. I would model their methods similar to their style.

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