MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

Class Reader Schedule

Class Reader/Article Review:  Technology is constantly evolving and changing.  To supplement what we learn from our textbook, each student will be responsible for finding a relevant article pertaining to the class topic for their assigned week.  Good places to look are: InfoWeek, ComputerWorld, Business Week etc…  Students should select an article that is relevant to the topic of the week their assignment is due.  When you post your article, please include 2-3 discussion questions that you would like your classmates to be thinking about for our in class discussion.  You will then present the article and these discussion questions to the class at the beginning of our scheduled meeting.

Articles & discussion questions should be posted to our community site by 5PM on the Monday before our class meeting. 

Points earned will be based on how relevant the topic is to the evening’s discussion and how well you explain those concepts and answer questions. If you are late to class, miss your article review or your headset does not work, you will receive 0 points for the assignment.  There are 30 possible points for the Class Reader.

For some examples on Class Readers and Discussions you can visit my class site from last semester: http://community.mis.temple.edu/mis2101702fall2013/


Alston,   Robin D. 1
Bradford, Daniel R. 2
Costa, Cecilia G. 4
Dabkowska, Anna M. 5
Dietsch, Matthew P. 6
Dirocco, Anne M. 7
Elliott, Kyle M. 8
Eves, Thomas 9
Farina, Daneen 10
Hatooka, Michelle N. K1
Jones, Katie W. K2
Laughlin, James L. K3
Lawson, Sonia 2
Light, Tricia E. 1
Lynch, Kevin T. 4
Mannherz, Jimilia R. 5
Markle, Brendan J. 6
McAneney, Sean R. 7
Mekonnen, Seble G. 8
Miller, Daniel M. 9
Moragne, Joanne M. 10
Murphy, Rahshana K1
Noell, Nicholas K2
Nyarko, Abena A. K3
Pendleton, Alison L. 2
Rivera, Sorymal 1
Sanchez, Jennifer V. 4
Snyder, John J. 5
Tieu, Uyen V. 6
Zalucki, Tyler C. 7

Beitel, Zachary                               8

2 Responses to Class Reader Schedule

  • The digital divide is becoming a greater issue in cities across the country due to our fast growing digital society. How can we lessen the digital divide, or is the digital divide the inevitable in our society today?

    1. Should city/state and or the federal government make it a top priority to provide low income families with school aged children free or low income internet access and lap tops/pc’s?

    2. Temple University recycles computers and sells them to students/employees for a minimal cost. Should Temple University expand the sale of the recycled computers to the surrounding community as a way of helping the digital divide? .

    3. In 2013, Kevin Hart donated 500 computers to Philadelphia’s schools and recreation centers. What can we do to bring awareness to the cause of digital divide so that people like Kevin Hart will take note of the need in this digital society and give back to the cities inner city schools, recreation centers and libraries?

  • Coca-Cola SAP

    My article is about Coca-Cola Europe (CCE) and how they contracted with CSC to implement their new SAP/ERP system to consolidate the 17 European Manufacturing Locations, secondary bottling companies and warehouses. The attached link includes a 3:10 minute video from the CIO of CSC, explaining how he sold “Project Genesys” to CCE.


    1) If you were the Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Europe would you develop your own team to customize a Coke SAP system or hire an outside company to implement the new SAP system?

    2) How should CSC approach implementing Project Genesys into the 17 manufacturing plant, secondary bolting companies and numerous warehouses? Would you transition one plant at a time and have two systems in place for a period of time or transition all of the locations at the same time?

    3) If you were Esat Sezer (CIO at CSC) would you be nervous knowing that if your transition does not go well, you could cost Coca-Cola Europe millions of dollars as well as hurt their brand equity?

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