MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

Project 3 – E-portfolio

Project 3: E-portfolio

Create a site that will highlight your resume and professional accomplishments on the MIS community (http://community.mis.temple.edu). The new site will have a permanent URL and you will be able to include that URL in your paper resume.

The goal of this site is twofold:

1. Create a presence online so that people interested in your particular set of skills can easily find you.

2. To serve as a professional “portfolio”. Think of this site as being more formal than your Facebook page but more creative and open than your printed resume or LinkedIn page.

The directions for parts a, b &  c can be found in the following document.  For the google analytics section, see the update document.  I have also included a link to some tutorial videos that should be helpful!

Project Document: Project-3-Phases-1-Updated 10.3.13

Once you have completed your page, post the link to your e-portfolio in the comments below!


Part 3B:  GOOGLE ANALYTICS PORTION:  How-to-Connect-Your-E-portfolio-to-Google-Analytics (1)


Documentation and Tutorials for help creating your E-portfolio – http://community.mis.temple.edu/eportfolios/samples-and-resources/

Updated: Part 3C:

Google Analytics Results

Ask some friends to visit your site – Within a week, your site should get some traffic.  The report of this traffic will be found on the dashboard of your site as well as the Google site.  Take a screen shot of the main analytics page (from the Google site) and paste it to a word document.  In addition to this screen shot, include the following items:

  1. Visit the Google site and analyze the total visits, bounce rate, traffic sources, and page views on your site. Write a short paragraph summarizing the specific numbers and what they mean (not the definitions of these fields but what the data is telling you).
  2. List three specific changes you can make to your site to increase the total visits.
  3. Write a short paragraph which explains how you could use this tool in the future to help you distribute information or sell products/services on the web more effectively.
  4. Submit your document via OwlBox.

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