Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2017

Quiz 11/30

A platform is a business model, and platform-mediated networks is a framework. Using these concepts, identify a platform associated with a given company and discuss how network effects facilitate exchange and create distribution value among players.

Exam 2 Prep

Exam 2 Activity 01 – Sample Mini-Case Review – New for Fall 2017


1. D – Production Team
2. B – Compare Forecast to Future Finished Goods Inventory
3. E – None of the above. Should be Have Raw Materials to Execute Production Plan
4. A – Select Optimal Vendor Based on Cost and Delivery Times
5. C – Update Inventory
6. A – Purchase Order
7. C – Inventory Forecast
8. D – Provides
9. B – Is Compared To
10. A – Lead Time

Quiz 10/19

  • In this talk, Jamie says that trust between buyers and sellers is driven by what?
  • What is the effect on product prices? 
  • What is the effect on product quality? 
  • What is the effect on competition between innovators?
  • Do you think that the Long Tail framework applies in this case? Why or why not? 

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