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Weekly Question #4

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Here is the question:

This week, cover disruptive innovation & how the rise of technology has completely changed many business and consumer driven actions.  What do you think was the most interesting or important innovation in the last few years?  Why?  What has it done to the original business model? 

Also – there’s an interesting podcast called How I Built This, which details different companies, their strategies & their innovations.  This one in particular is on Lyft and how that company came to be and how it has completely disrupted the taxi/ride sharing industry.  It’s not required, but an interesting listen if you have the time – 


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  • Although its estimated birth/creation date was between 2008-2009, I feel that a very important innovation is the IOT (internet of things). The Nest is one example of a smart home device and it has changed the original business model of the thermostat. When you go to Home Depot to purchase a regular thermostat, you own the thermostat and it functions for all time until it breaks but when you purchase a Nest thermostat, you trade the ability to own the technology with conveniences like controlling it from your phone, having it learn your patterns of use, etc. If the Nest were to be bought out by a different company, your Nest thermostat would no longer work. Basically when you buy a Nest thermostat, you buy the equipment but not the ability to control it.

  • Cloud computing used in its current context was originated in 2006. It has vastly transformed the way businesses run. It makes operations run dramatically smoother and opens communicataion between different sectors. It also saves costs in the long term and provides customers with better service on the front end, which would lead to more profit. It stores data for future use makeing it easy to reference for employees and customers. The upper management would alsomore easily see the short comings of the business.

  • I think the most important new innovation is the now consumer availability of self driving cars. I think going forward, this technology will only get more prevalent. Forerunners are Tesla, most German car manufacturers and Cadillac among others. Self driving cars will make roads safer places to drive and when the technology is more common it will alleviate traffic in many congested areas such as cities as humans often drive carelessly and that hinders traffic greatly.

  • It is without question that the cloud is the most important innovation over the last few years. The cloud offers a special and flexible option for them to make sure they will be able to concentrate on business execution. There is no other service that can even compare or come close to it. SMBs that need to concentrate on the business do not have the knowledge or the teams in place to maintain their systems. They are also not willing to spend the time or money to go in that direction. The cloud allows us to store data and saved files so we can access it later. Before this, we would rely on hard drives or portable flash drives to save our data. It has single handedly changed the way how businesses run.

  • The innovation of autonomous vehicles is unbelievable. It is needless to say that it will be making an irreversible change in the industry, especially the taxi driving community. App-driven car service such as Uber and Lyft has taken over worldwide, taking technology to this other level can only make our normal models obsolete at some point in the future.

  • I believe the creation of chatbots is a important innovation over the last few years. Chatbots is a computer programmed robot that simulates human conversation. Temple University has added a Chatbot called OwlBot to its website. Chatbots allow business to be available for clients 24/7 while cutting down on operational cost. This innovation is one that will help business to keep their clients happy while saving money !

  • I think web-based video was the most interesting innovation in the last few years. I think it’s the most interesting because it is entirely relatable for the majority of us college students. For example, Netflix has people hooked on their company as there are no commercials and people can watch shows and movies on their own time. In terms of the original business model, Netflix and other web-based video company’s are on the verge of disrupting cable and even cable is finding ways to move to the online space to keep up.

  • The widespread availability of smart devices is incredibly important to the business world. The development of smart devices has led to more innovative advertisement tactics by companies. Most people have some sort of smart device, and are constantly on some form of social media. Companies are able to reach a wider range of views on sites like Facebook or YouTube that have these advertisements. Smart devices also benefit businesses with a more direct form of communication, being able to check email anywhere or text as needed is important when communicating within a business. The availability of smart devices has without a doubt changed the way business is conducted in the last few years.

  • I feel that autonomous cars a big disruptive innovation. It is quite interesting to see if and when they will overtake traditional cars. Obviously traditional cars driven by humans are still more common, but in the future it’s possible they could be wiped away by this disruptive technology.

  • I think the wide use of smart phones is a big disruptive innovation. Over the years smart phones have become so popular and everyone has one. They only continue to get better as time goes on. People can do everything from the palm of their hand. Smartphones have the ability to replace daily laptop or desktop usage. Smartphones and tablets will only continue to improve and be more disruptive over time.

  • 3D printing is a fascinatingly innovative technology that could lead to some real potential. Currently, 3D printers are commonly used to recreate statues, jewelry, and common patterns and figurines. In the future, 3D printing wants to be able to create food from simple powders and oils using basic proteins for nutrients. If there is a way to dictate food and make it safe for consumption with all of the nutrients needed, then it is within reach to help provide food to countries in need through the usage of printers and cartridges for a very low cost. It is even possible to have mass produced printers in everyday households for common items with the cartridge components readily available in store; kind of like a “do it yourself” kit for the future.

  • GPS has been around since the early 70s, however, in 2005, it became available for public use and we use it almost every day. We have it on our computers, phones, and smartwatches. I haven’t used a physical map since I was in middle school, around the time I got my first iPod, which also had GPS on it. GPS is more than just a means of navigation for me and others. For example, you can turn on your phone’s location which I’ll do if I feel unsafe and that way, my friends or parents can easily locate where I am. It’s made leaps and bounds since it was first invented for military use.

  • I think the most interesting innovations is GPS. From physical GPS to now which is the GPS found in technologies. The most helpful part of GPS, in this case is Google Maps. Google Maps has almost everything you need from directions for cars to Bicycling, public transportations, walking, flying. I think just recently in the past year or so they included the speedometer which tells you what the speeds are for those roads. Though I wish they could add more speedometers everywhere on Google Maps. Also, it let’s you choose what time to go and arrive, which I think is the best. GPS is very useful in today’s society, because without GPS I’m pretty sure not many of us would know how to get to their destinations. The one important feature that I like is being able to save the places and writing questions. Having those two features has helped me to know more about that place and being able to save it so that I can find them easier.

  • I think the most interesting innovation is the smartphone. Over the years we have seen how this kind of device has taken over our daily lives. We have access to almost anything in the world with just a touch of a screen. This innovation is also disruptive as it is good because now we live in a time where everything we do is dependant on our smartphone. Will it come a time where our phones will have total control over us?

  • I think the most interesting technology is the cloud and servers. Shared servers drastically reduce the cost of storage yet maintain a steady income for server companies over the years instead of one time payments. It is definitely the most important innovation, if you could choose one innovation over the years to keep that would be the most beneficial, it would be the Cloud, it makes everyone connected and everything have a backup plan.

  • Although it’s been around for many year now, I think the most interesting technology is the creation of social media. People now have immediate access to events and stories. They are able to see for themselves what is going on in the works versus being told by news media. The real time access has given the public the ability to have knowledge immediately.

  • The most interesting, and furthermore the most important contemporary technology must be the creation of the cloud and cloud computing. Technology ultimately saves businesses money and effort because of its automation, meaning humans do not have to be paid to complete tasks that technology can complete for them. Cloud computing truly encompasses this concept. Not only can an immense amount of information be stored in the cloud, but the cloud can also manage this data in ways that would be extremely difficult for humans to do on a personal computer.

  • I would probably have to say the most interesting innovation within recent times is the autonomous car like the Tesla. This is interesting because your vehicle literally drives itself for you, and you’re basically a passenger. It is crazy to think of the technology that was put into these cars to make them do the things they do on their own or with a push of a button. The fact that you yourself manually had to control the car I guess was the original business model, but now the car basically controls itself (when it comes to the driving), so the business model has changed to an autonomous vehicle.

  • In my opinion, the most important and exciting innovation in recent years should be the rapid development of e-commerce ( online shopping). The growth of e-commerce enables countless people to buy what they need without leaving their homes, saving their time from going from store to store to choose products. The development of e-commerce has not only affected these merchants but also greatly improved the express delivery service associated with it.

  • What do you think was the most interesting or important innovation in the last few years? Why? What has it done to the original business model?

    The most interesting technological innovation for me in the recent years is in my eyes is Uber. The reason for why this is the most incredible change for me is it changed the taxi game of how driving takes place entirely legit everything. that was seen as before as normal has been rewritten due to just anyone being able to rent their car out as a taxi now. The original business model has been changed permanently because as I said anyone can now become a taxi driver due to Uber and lyft as well and not just in cities but in the suburbs as well.

  • I think the most interesting innovation is autonomous/autopilot cars. Autonomous cars are life changing because it allows you to get from one play to another without paying attention to the road. It is also proven to be much safer than regular automotive cars because 37,000 Americans die each year from car accidents. Businesses like Uber and Lyft has invested in autonomous cars as a long term strategy. I think autonomous cars are important to the future because it will probably reduce the rate of car accidents significantly caused by drunk and reckless drivers.

  • I feel that the most interesting technological innovation in the recent years is the cloud. There is so much space, time, and money saved by the easy-accessible “cloud” that we can all access on our phones, computers, etc. The cloud connects our data and devices and can better improve our day-to-day lives. The convenience of all of that in your pocket is what makes the cloud so important.

  • I think that the most hot innovation is the smartphone. People used to be tied to one location to be able to use internet, or perform business. Now most of the things and all necessary business operations could be performed on the go through the smartphone. This is mind blowing. People can look up directions, do basic everyday banking. But also people can run business form their phone, for example trade on Ebay or amazon. Smart phone definitely disrupted computer industry and made a huge step forward in mobile industry.

  • I believe that the one of the most important innovations that has occurred within the last few years that I find very interesting is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Even though there are some major problems with AI that are going to have to be resolved soon it is amazing to see an AI like Watson being able to act like humans in some special cases. And I think that as this technology continues to develop it could be used in a variety of fields but I think that AI will be the most disruptive in customer service as the AI will be able to use various algorithms and programs to help customers reach a desired solution to their various problems.

  • To me the most interesting and influencial innovation would be AI. AI is short for articial intelligence. Most notibly, AI is used in self-driving vehicles like Tesla Model X. AI is used to program machines and perform other IT services. A professor at MIT, Lex Friedman has performed multiple experiments on AI in self-driving vehicles. The question he consistently ponders is “What happens when AI fails”? If the near future consists of a heavy reliance on AI to perform certain tasks, how will we calculate the risk of something going array? This puts a wrentch in many business models that are mvoing towards self-automated tasks.

  • I think a good example of disruptive innovation is the invention of the smart phone. Everyone has access to the internet and different apps in the palm of their hands. People have become rich or created their own businesses just by inventing an app or creating their own that customers can download. Vennmo is another example of an app that is making cash seem obsolete so it is interesting to see what will happen in the next ten years with cryptocurrency as well. I do home care for my grandmother and used to fax in my time sheets every week, this year the company hired a third party service called Carify that made me download an app and now I clock in and submit claims on my phone. It has a location service however and that seems like an invasion of privacy with is a growing issue with technology and how much information is being gathered on us now because of it.

  • What do you think was the most interesting or important innovation in the last few years? Why? What has it done to the original business model?

    Without a doubt, the most innovative and interesting new network company is Uber. Uber was created in March of 2009. Its popularity grew more and more since. It has become a important innovation due to the fact that you can schedule a ride to any destination within minutes. Taxis have paved a way for companies like Uber, by taking all of the disadvantages of taxis and fixing them to the customers liking, taxi are being push to the back burner.

  • I think the most interesting innovation in the last few years is cloud storage. I think it is crazy that so much info can be stored online and accessed from anywhere. I think it has changed the original business model by allowing companies to have workers work from home, as well as save and back up more of their data in the event of a fire or something similar. Companies should feel safer knowing their data is not on site, and can be accessed by them at any time.

  • I think the most interesting innovation in the last few years is mobile payment. People didn’t need to bring their wallet when they go outside. For example, Apple pay, PayPal in America. Moreover in China, they have Ali-pay and WeChat pay. With the 4G technology support, Chinese people no longer need wallet. I can pay money to my friends or family member, by scanning their WeChat pay’s QR code.

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