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Weekly Question #5

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Here is the question:

This week we talked about SCM & CRM and heard various viewpoints on which systems people use.  Which do you think is more important to an organization?  Why?  Alternatively, we talked about CRMs and how organizations utilize data to learn more about the customers – how do you feel about this?  What CRMs have you had experience interacting with and explain how it affected your customer experience. 

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  • I believe SCM is more important to an organization because without products, companies don’t have a common ground to create relationships with customers. If your company doesn’t have the products in stock that customers want, then they will go somewhere else to get the products which can put you out of business.

    I feel that learning more about your customers is essential because in order to have the correct supply of products when they are in demand, the products your customers are interested in, etc. you need to know your customer very well.

    I have had experience with Verizon’s CRM system and I don’t like it very much because I’m so used to being able to speak with human customer service representatives quickly as apposed to going through Verizon’s automated system before speaking with a human customer service representative. Calling Verizon is something I dread because I know I will have to find my way through their automated system and be on hold for quite some time before speaking to someone who can actually help me with my issue.

  • Which is important is totally up to the type of organization. If the company were Oracle or another software heavy business, then it would definitely be CRM. While a goods heavy organization would certainly be Supply Chain Management. A company like Amazon for example has some of the most advanced automated warehouse technology in the world and it would all be for nothing if the SCM wasn’t doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing.
    I feel that to a certain extent, CRM systems work to the customers advantage in helping them be able to interact with sellers and other services faster and easier. Without some personal data sharing and storing, using a lot of web based services would take quite a lot of extra keystrokes and extra time. I have only been affected positively from them and never been a victim of harassment by them so until then, CRM systems are okay in my book.

  • As to what nicholas and katrine said above. It really does depend on the type of organization and what they provide. Regardless however, every business has a service and generally every service requires products. SCM is what would help us manage these products and the more efficient that flow of goods is, the more efficient the CRM can be.
    I’ve had experience with microsoft dynamics and it worked well for the company I was working at but I could imagine a much larger company needing more than that, they just didnt want to pay for the implementation costs.

  • The goal with CRM is to have more targeted marketing, sales and service activities to create customer relationships and to drive more revenue and profit in the long run. While many employees might participate in a CRM system, it is overseen by the marketing department. The goal with SCM is to have more trusting, efficient supply chain relationships to minimize distribution costs and optimize revenue. That being said, to determine which is more important, I think it depends on the organization/company’s goal. My personal preference would be SCM but that is only because I know more about SCM than CRM.

  • The importance of SCM & CRM can only be determined by the kind of organization it is, they may be more product-oriented or customer service focused. They can go hand in hand but a company providing services would most likely prioritize CRM and the same would apply to one providing any kind of product and would need an efficient SCM. CRM data may be collected by customer experience surveying and reviewing. Personally, I find this method of feedback to be kind of effective and inconsistent at the same time. When I am asked to fill out nay kind of feedback forms or give a review I may or may not do it depending on if it was a negative experience. I am usually more prone to do it if it was negative just to bring awareness to the issue because otherwise, I get irritated getting asked to provide my opinion constantly. Thus, when you think about if this is most people’s train of thought then the data being received by a company could be one-sided. This could be effective at the same time because it would create enough attention that could lead to improvements later on.

  • SCM and CRM both have their distinct importance for any organization regardless of the industry they operate in. I believe it would be unfair to weigh or compare the benefits derived from either of these software system management tools because SCM has distinct business functions than CRM as they are both applicable in different functional areas of a business. For internal functionality and supply chain integration, SCM is more important because it is responsible for managing, improving, and streamlining the supply chain for an organization by linking the business processes from the acquisition of raw materials till the final sale of the product. A successful business is only possible if it is able to meet the timely demand of its customers without any delays in production or the output stock of its product. CRM can be applied to learn changes in consumer behavior and indirectly improving the overall service of a business through the application of the patterns and trends in consumer behavior. I have had past experiences with CRM especially with my bank Wells Fargo, their automated customer service is a really intelligent system which guides you through your query and whatever issues you are having. The benefit I sought from this CRM was that I could easily speak with a customer service reperesnatative without the need of explaining them my issue all over again, thus savign time, improving quality of serivce, and increase my customer experience.

  • I think the importance of SCM and CRM to a company are very symbiotic. If all a company is able to do is collect, analyze and interpret the customer data, then they can have all the targeted marketing in the world for a customer. If that customer is unable to come into contact with the suppliers or buyers, due to poor SCM, then the company will never be able to make money. A business needs both marketing and distribution in order to hit its end goal – if no buyers know about the business then there will be no investors to start the company, and if there is no distribution then the individuals will not be able to put money into the company either.

    The most common CRMs (legal or illegal) seem to be the instagram ads that pop up now. The ads are so targetted towards your search history that it sometimes can feel like your mind is being read by the computer or they can predict what you are going to search for. It definitely can be a boon to save time or to prompt you towards something you were going to buy anyway, but it feels like an invasion of privacy. Other than that, I have no issue with excellent CRMs – if someone’s job is to know what I want before I want it, and they are saving me time and money by putting it in my face and I was going to buy it anyway, then its a great system.

  • I think that the SCM system is more important to an organization because before a company can approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers, which is what the CRM system does, companies have to first maintain the management of the flow of goods and services they provide. Utilizing data to learn more about the customers is very important as it can provide predictability on gaining loyal and returning customers as well as interacting with them faster and efficiently. My beauty business in particular uses a CRM system to send automated messages to clients just in case I am away from my device. For example, if someone asks where I am located or which services I provide, the system will automatically respond with a brief answer. This is very efficient as my clients will not have to wait a long time for a simple response.

  • I find SCM systems more important in the long run. While it is important to maintain relations with customers, a company can’t properly do that if there are problems with the product. It is important that a company has the product necessary to facilitate business, and the best way to do that is by using a SCM system. I do however believe a CRM system could be more beneficial in certain business types, possibly those that are more service based. CRM systems are also very important for all communication and engagement with customers. It really comes down to what kind of service or product the business offers. Both systems have their place in the business world and change the way things are handled.

  • Choosing which of these two systems, CRM or SRM, is extremely hard. As many others stated declaring which one is more important may depend on the type of organization. However, even as a company reliant solely on the distribution of a product, you must make certain that the individual you are delivering to (customers) are satisfied with the product, the time it took to receive the item and the overall experience. So if I had to choose I say CRM is the more important! You know the saying you get what you pay for. As a customer I like a bargain and the opportunity to save however my ultimate goal is to receive a product or service that makes spending the money no matter the amount worth it, and I believe the CRM puts that perspective into place.

    As a consumer I belong to a few companies that I believe use CRM systems. I am a frequent CVS shopper and I reap many rewards because of my loyalty. Cvs send me emails based on recent purchases, notifies me when items I am usually interested goes on sales and even gives me reward bucks for certain purchases to use in the future. The staff even takes part in the CRM system as they are always friendly!It is this type of CRM that keeps me coming back! Isn’t that the goal of all business ? Customers create profit! No customer no matter if you have products or not no profit !

  • SCM deals with getting the right product on the right shelf at the right time, at the right price. CRM deals with the use of database software to collect, analyze, and interpret customer data. Although CRM is important to maximize sales, I believe that SCM is more important as it deals with the entire process until purchase. If the product isn’t available, no money will be made.

  • I think it depends on the organization as to whether CRM or SCM for example a bank would prolly need more customer relationship management than supply chain management. Customer data utilization has become a basic trend of the 21st century business model for companies in general in my eyes so therefore I feel that it’s necessary to make a good long lasting corporation. I would say the closet thing I’ve ever had to when it comes to a CRM was when I was a cashier at Burlington coat factory and after every customer purchase you had to ask for the customers phone number as a way of keeping a record of the purchase.

  • I might be biased in my opinion, but I think SCM is far more important than CRM to an organization. The supply-chain is a pivotal part of any business, large or small. This is the link between the consumers and their products. Many people don’t ask what happens to a product from when it is developed to when its on the shelves for sale. The Global Value Chain takes all the facets of a business and combines them into one. With outsourcing a product could be developed in the US, put together in China, packaged in Taiwan, and sold in France. What makes all this possible…. SCM. I’ve had experience filling out surveys after the purchase and use of a product. It’s a nice sentiment by the company to check up on how my product is working. Another CRM method I’ve experienced was a simple phone call asking me what products I would be interested in next.

  • I am not sure if we can say that CRM is more important then SCM or vise versa. It all depends on number of factors. It really depends which industry it is. If it is wholesale distribution and it is an existing business with its customer base then SCM is more important in this case, because they need to minimize inventory overhead costs and increase fulfillment rates. But if it is a startup and it is service business then they might need more CRM system, because they need to track leads and analyze customers to generate revenues.

  • In my opinion, both SCM and CRM are essential for an enterprise and an organization. Whereas SCM focuses primarily on products, CRM focuses on customer relationships. A good relationship with customers can improve the reputation of an enterprise, so its products will get more attention. But if a company doesn’t have a product, you can’t talk about customer contact. So I think SCM is more important.

  • Personally I think that SCM and CRM are equally as important. SCM deals with the process as a whole while CRM helps makes the process go more smoothly and creates better sales. Depending on what your business or service is you need to figure out what your customer base wants and reacts to the best in order to maximize profits. CRM helps create positive relationships with customers and helps retain customers. However if you run a poor process you will end up doing poorly in the end. I work at a pizza shop and I am always asking questions about the SCM process and how everything gets brought in. I also notice my bosses being aware of what the customers like the most and their ability to try and maximize profits. I think businesses being aware of their customers and learning more about them is a business savvy tool to make your business or company more successful.

  • The importance of SCM and CRM are truly relative to the type of organization using systems like these. Personally, I work for a bank. In the banking industry, CRM is vital to the ability to sell bank products, and therefore, create revenue. While SCM would not really be helpful to a bank, manufacturers and retailers would benefit highly. However, CRM could also highly benefit just about any business, so I will side with CRM in terms of overall importance. CRM can show opportunities for businesses to take advantage of; SCM more or less automates a business operation. I believe that opportunity is what initiates the stimulation of the market, and CRM can contribute to this process.

  • I think SCM is more important to an organization because if you mismanage your supply chain, you could run into some major problems. I think I would rather make sure that I have the correct inventory rather than trying to figure out more about the customer when I do not have a smoothly running supply chain. On the other hand, CRM’s are very useful for an organization especially when you are trying to target certain people or trying to get an idea about what your market is like.

  • Both SCM and CRM are important. However, I believe that CRM is the most important and is more relative to all industries. Without customers you have no business to sell goods or provide a service to. If you work in an industry in which you only provide a service the SCM does not impact your business. Knowing your customers and how to serve them will always be crucial for a business to thrive. Using CRMs is a powerful way to learn more about your customer. I can walk into my favorite store and the associates will know my clothing size, shoe size and favorite brand in order to make it an experience and want me to come back.

  • I think CRM is more important because, without customers, there would be no businesses. CRM has a lot to do with the stores I shop at or the restaurants I eat at. If I’ve had a bad experience with a place, I won’t go back. CRM is important for building relationships with the community and developing goodwill. SCM is also very important because it helps companies to function better and run smoothly, however, I think CRM might be a little more important. This is all from a customer POV and I don’t have a deep knowledge of how SCM works within a company.

  • SCM and CRM are extremely important for success in business. Personally, I believe that CRM is more important compared to SRM especially because I believe the most important thing about business is making sure the customer thinks they have received the best possible product or service. CRM should come before SCM because SCM is more BTS than CRM. CRM keeps everything smooth sailing. It is hard to change customers opinions.

  • Both SCM and CRM are important, however the need for one system or the other depends on the type of business you have. CRM would be better for a smaller business, one that is trying to get its name out. The CRM helps provide more targeted marketing strategies in order to enhance relationships with customers and increase profits in the long run. SCM is better for larger businesses with a more loyal and established customer base. It allows for a more streamlined process with suppliers because the company’s inventory system is synced with the supplier’s. The goal is to minimize distribution cost and to maximize revenue.

  • SCM & CRM are both extremely important in to a business organization. I find SCM to be more important than CRM, as the SCM is great for large businesses with a lot of inventory. CRM’s are important in smaller business and with targeting specific demographics/attaining data.

  • SCM and CRM are both important but I think that SCM is more important than CRM because SCM ensures that everything occurs smoothly. While CRM work with customers to take orders and solve problems. SCM would be beneficial in multiple ways for future works like reducing costs, works efficiently, and eliminate bottlenecks. SCM views the process as a whole and would be better long-term.

  • Although both SCM and CRM have proven to be useful for many business I believe that CRM is more important to a company’s success because if your customers are not happy with their experience as they purchase your product or service, then your company will not ultimately succeed. However, SCM still very useful for companies and they both have their pros and cons.

  • I think CRM is more important to a business because it provides you with comprehensive data on your customers and potential customers. There would be no business without your customers so it is imperative that you maintain that relationship with them. It is slightly unsettling to think that companies are tracking and gathering information about you but on the other hand if you have a reoccurring problem and the company’s CRM had documented information about it you would be able to receive better help and service from them.

  • Customer relationship management, and supply chain management both are very useful for business. However, if I have to pick one for the most important one, i will choice CRM. Building a good relationship with customers are helpful to maintain your business. Also the customers will suggest their friends or family to support your business. I think Amazon is a good example of CRM. I purchased a headphone, but it did not delivery on time. After 2 days, I contact Amazon customer service, tell them everything. They mail a new one for me as fast as they can.

  • I think CRM is important. Building a strong relationship with customers is very important to the business. You want to collect data as much as possible with your customers so the company knows what needs to be done and needs to improve. An example of this is going to a restaurant for my first time. I have heavy peanut allergy, so I had to conversate with the waitress that what would they recommend, and is there any allergen that I need to be aware of as far as peanuts go. They told me what I could get and couldn’t get.

  • I think the connection you build with a CRM system is important because it can help you build that personal connection and relationship you build with the consumer is very important. It also provides a sense of security for the consumer. Personally, I felt that the collection of data can be annoying, but the deals and information that comes from it tends to be very useful. For instance, I worked in retail where we had a CRM system for promotional reasons and a point system for the customers. I know the customers were not fond of it, however others loved it because they got benefits from it.

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