MIS 2101 – Jonathan Latko – Summer 2019

Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule – All exams must be scheduled in advance with Examity.  You will find the link to Examity from our course site  in Canvas.  You will have 60 minutes to take the exam, once you are cleared with Examity.  

In your Canvas course, you will see that there is a “Modules” link in the Course Navigation. This is where you will find access to the Examity Instructions and the link to register/complete your exams in Examity. 

Exam 1

Opens 5/24 @ 6AM,

Closes 5/26 @ 6PM

60 minutes
Exam 2

Opens 6/7 @ 6AM,

Closes 6/9 @ 6PM

60 minutes
Exam 3

Opens 6/21 @ 6AM,

Closes 6/23 @ 6PM

60 minutes