MIS 2101 – Jonathan Latko – Summer 2019

Weekly Question #6

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Here is the question:

For this weekly question, I am mainly interested in your biggest takeaway from this class.  After spending the last 5 plus weeks learning about how you, as business professionals, will utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective, what do you think is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce?  What key elements can you use to shape your future (or current) outlook?

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  • I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce are informational systems. Without systems storing collective data about a company and their clients, there would be little no way to proceed with a safe and efficient payment transaction that keeps both the company and client guaranteed from fraud or even losing track of payments. Key elements that I can use to shape my current and future outlook is learning how to use more of these informational systems such as CRM and ERP systems to help and develop my current business. These two systems are very similar and were my two favorite systems to learn about as they are both focused on increasing the overall profitability of a business.

  • I must say I was initially hesitate about taking this course. As an older student the decision to return to school is not always the easiest. When I read the description of this course I hesitated even more. I am not what many would say technology savvy but after 5 weeks of this course I have learned a great deal of information. I have begun the journey of opening a small business a few months ago and much of what I have learned in this course will guide my next steps. I believe the most important topic in this course was CRM. As a consumer and now part business owner I believe the most important relationship to have is with your customers. I know my business is not ready to implement a CRM system just yet but until I am I am going to manage these relationships the old fashion way, however I do acknowledge that once my business grows I will be in need of a system that can make the process of knowing my customers automated. Very interesting course !

  • I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is gathering, organizing, and analyzing data that is based on either the company or the consumers. I can apply the things i learned in the course for my future career when it comes to data and depending on where I am at, the consumers as well. I think every business out there can utilize some piece of content from this course to apply to themselves when it comes to their business whether it includes implementing a new system or just by having a more efficient way of doing things.

  • I think the biggest thing I will takeaway from this class are the CRM and SCM. I now know how important both of these things are to businesses. I also enjoyed learning about swim lane diagrams and how things fall into order/place. I think it is good knowledge to have going into the working world. Technology is only going to continue to advance so it is important to have a basic understanding of all of the concepts we covered in this course.

  • I believe that the most important technology in the workforce is SCM. With Supply Chain Management, you are able to accomplish such a wide variety of things and do it on a much larger scale than ever before. This is such an ever growing aspect of business and it is the main reason that eCommerce is slowly growing larger and larger with companies such as Amazon and Wayfair. These large broker sites would never be possible without highly advanced SCM. Elements I will use to grow in the IS environment and business in general is the knowledge and continued learning of the subject and to never become complacent about any of technology as it is so ever changing.

  • Technology is a massive efficiency tool in any industry. It is used as an organization tool, a data collector, a data processor, etc. It has changed how things are done with CRMs and ERPs in businesses in hours to seconds. The reduction of time is the most important change technology has brought to the workforce. The understanding of ERP’s, CRM’s, and SCM’s have opened my eyes to how useful these programs can be. Any business can benefit from these systems and the results are well rounded, especially cost-efficient.

  • The biggest aspect of technology in the workforce is the communication between different branches. Its similar to a democracy, how each section has its own things to follow in order to come together to form the entire business. Even though this was an entry level class more interested in scratching the surface rather than deep diving, it was still very interesting to go through different ways technologies are involved. Learning about the swim maps was very interesting to me and I think it will be helpful to shape my future outlook on business – I will be more patient when dealing with customer service while waiting for something to ship, or even my own HR team when dealing with a work issue now that I know there is such an extreme checks and balances system.

  • My biggest takeaway was working on lab assignments. It was very helpful to understand Data base, tables and how data relates. I think it was very solid foundation in this area. Also, automation was a huge takeaway. It was very helpful because I am studying accounting and now i can better understand how data flows in my firm and how database is created. I am looking forward taking more MIS classes to grow my understanding in Information Systems.

  • The biggest takeaway I have from this class is that the business world has a lot of automation behind it. Efficient information systems allow businesses to focus on other more important things instead of monotonous tasks. Being that I major in accounting, technology will drive my career. Being capable of using these types of technologies is crucial to be successful as an accountant nowadays. This class was eye-opening in that I must always be up-to-date on contemporary technologies in my field.

  • My biggest takeaway from the course is that many different types of systems can be used to streamline the business world. Many different jobs and tasked can be solved in a fraction of the time and with more efficiency than using multiple departments or people. This was shown heavily in the class by some of our swim lane diagrams and other such tools. I believe having more knowledge on these different types of systems and the value of having them will be important to my future business endeavors. I am sure that this technology will only become more useful and revolutionary as time goes on.

  • The most important aspect of technology in the workforce is having as many people as possible trained to use the most current and widely used programs across all industries. By making sure that you are trained to use the most current and widely used programs for the industry that you work in, you will help your company run at its fullest potential and it will give you a competitive edge in the workforce. The use of the program Salesforcce in this class was great and I feel that it shaped my understanding of how complex companies need programs to be in order to utilize it for them for their needs.

  • The biggest takeaway from this class was that the most important role of technology in the workplace is utilizing technology to help organize data. Some of these technologies include ERP’s and ER diagrams. The reason that these technologies are so useful for businesses is that they can help us organize and process data in various forms and quantities. And using this organized data, we can make informed decisions about what is best for the business.

  • The biggest take away for me is realizing that with the evolution of technology we will always have a use for the “people” resources. MIS gives us the opportunity to look at the how and and implement the appropriate changes that need to be made for the business to run effectively.

  • In this class I learned how to use saleforce to create a contacts with customers and other companies; just like we create a database, and after that we can easily find out which customer/company match the condition. I think the most important part of technology in the workforce is enterprise resource planning system. It saves more time and reduce employees’ salary. This system will automatically update customers or inventory date, also it can order new supply and contact customers.

  • Overall this class taught me one main point, if you are not experienced with computers and not willing to learn. You need to hire trusted and well versed MIS majors. There is a lot of different skills needed to make businesses successful. Many of these skills are taught to MIS majors. I loved all the conversation about ERDs, it really helped me understand the complexities that go into algorithms and systems. The problems we did on inventory management a lot were great. The software really does make the world go round.

  • I have learned a lot of useful information in this course but my main takeaway would have to be Supply Chain Management (SCM). I did not know the importance of SCM in business before this class. SCM allows a business to function at its best and maximize customer value which is very important to any business small or large.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class was learning about how much technology really is changing the way we live. This was driven home by the video with a lot of facts that we discussed in another weekly question. For example, I didn’t realize that the most in demand jobs 5 years from now are probably not even in existence yet. I would say that the most important technologies I learned in this class are SCMs and CRMS. They are pretty much essential if I am going to start a business.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is the fact that technology has the power to completely change the way business is run. Technology has always been powerful and it will only continue to be more powerful as time goes on. I have a feeling that in the future to come there will be a lot more unemployment as technology and robots will take over. Technology will have the ability to completely change the way a business runs. We see technology being utilized in businesses all around us. For example at my local McDonalds instead of ordering at the cash register you order on big touch screens. Technology is very efficient and will only be more effective as time goes on.

  • First of all, through the five weeks’ study, my main achievement is to have a better understanding of the information system. As a non-business major, this course enables me to know what MIS is and the knowledge related to MIS. Although my major has nothing to do with business, I believe that as a student majoring in communication, broader knowledge can help me better understand social events.

  • Before this course, I didn’t really think about how crucial information systems are in any company. However, after spending 6 weeks learning about them, I found out that they can be complicated, but their main purpose is to streamline a company’s information systems and different ways to do that. Technology has improved the ways that we do it and really has changed the way that we organize and utilize information. I learned a lot about different ways to look at information systems and how they are applied to real life.

  • As a accounting major, I was required to take this class. My attitude about the class was the strictly just get it over with as I feel about most classes. However, I didn’t understand why a Accounting major was required to take this class. As this class comes to a end I understand why and I now believe everyone in all colleges should be required to take this class. The data processing CRM and SCM I would say are the most important. I deal with daily interactions and I didn’t know exactly what I was dealing with, I just called it a system. However, with technology improving everyday it’s important that mainly business majors are aware of the system and processes Mis brings.

  • I took an MIS class before at a previous school, so I had some preconceived notions about what this class was going to be about. In my previous class we did a lot of excel and tableau work, and we followed instructions to make formulas, but I didn’t really know what I was learning. However, this class was nothing like my previous one. This class is a lot more about the business process and how MIS is used in the real world. It provides real life examples, and while we still use excel, we use it in a way that teaches because it is based off of real examples.

  • After spending the last 5 weeks learning about how information systems affect businesses I think they are the most important technology a business can have. They can allow a company to streamline part of their workflow in a way that is not possible without them. They can also be used to allow departments to work better together with shared data and real time updates.

  • In the past 4-5 weeks of this course, I have learnt many new things. I have learnt how to use Salesforce and learning different system within an organizations. I have a cousin working for programming industry and she mentioned that if I learn salesforce, even just the basics, it will get me somewhere. Taking this class, will help me for my future career in MIS or an IT career.

  • I think this course really opened my eyes as to how business is going to be conducted moving forward. Technology is only going to continue to evolve and we as young business professionals must adapt with the times. I think the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is the automation of how goods enter consumers hands. The way a business will rely on certain softwares for day-to-day operations is huge. Every fascet of a business is combined into one, which effectively allows it to operate much more efficiently.

  • The most important thing I learned about in this class was ERDs because every business uses them and being able to read and understand one will help you better understand the business. For example you can see all the the different entities in the company and how they interact with each other or are interrelated. This course exposed me to a lot of new information about what goes into the systems that we use every day and it is all very useful and will come in handy.

  • An important thing that I learned in this class is the efficiency of information systems. Businesses would not be the same without these systems being put in place, as they save so much time (and money) regarding everyday activity in said firm.

  • My biggest takeaway for this course was how it taught to read and comprehend information better. I mean this I never knew how much information or data goes back and forth in between businesses and what it took for this to be managed in M.I.S. and such. This is just nuts to comprehend and I’m happy I was able to learn this from this course and keep it as a skill for the future.

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