MIS 2101 – Jonathan Latko – Summer 2019

Exam Review Answers

From the merged activities:

1.d  Rider

2.b Match closest “On-Duty” driver with the right type of car who doesn’t currently have a rider with this rider

3.a Does driver accept the rider?

4.c Drop rider off at final destination and notify platform

5.d Pay driver for service and record payment for 1099

6.d Rider

7.c Provides

8.d Status

9.d Status

10.b Request_Car_Type


From our last class – example posted on Canvas:

ANSWER KEY- MIS 2101 / 2901 Exam 3: Sample Mini Case


  1. d- Content Team
  2. a- Hotel needs a Retro-Fit Installation
  3. b- Send cost estimate, participation agreement, teams and conditions, and the deployment agreement
  4. c- Develop mobile message
  5. b- Notify guests of Key Mobile installation
  6. a- Terms and Conditions
  7. a- Conducted by
  8. b- Hotel Information
  9. c- Number of rooms in hotel
  10. a- Reviewed by


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