instructor: Aaron Zhi Cheng, Section 003

About Assignment #2 (Due 9/28/18 (Tomorrow) before Class by 3 pm)

If you do have technical issues (constant error reports, no results grid, etc.), do the following,

  1. Finish writing all queries and save them in a SQL or document (.docx, .txt, …) file before actually running them. You will save time and energy.
  2. Check again your code thoroughly.
  3. Common mistakes are typos, wrong spacings, and inappropriate punctuation marks (“, ”, (), [], etc. ). Check correct examples for SQL syntax in the lecture slides.
  4. Type but not copy queries from other sources as there may be subtle differences in formatting.
  5. Read the error report carefully and see what’s wrong.
  6. If it is an unsolvable problem due to the idiosyncratic nature of your computer, operating system, version of MySQL, try another computer, you can (1) download and use MySQL Workbench in a different computer at the school’s computer lab, or (2) borrow and use your friend’s or classmate’s computer if they do not have problems.

For assignment #2, the grading rule is the following,

  1. Points (i.e., 5 points, 10 points, 15 points) vary across questions.
  2. Full points for each question will be given if your SQL statement is COMPLETELY correct. No point even if there is a small mistake.
  3. 20% off for each question if the SQL statement is correct, but the results/answer from MySQL Workbench is missing or incorrect.

BTW, I will not write you a checklist of all possible SQL statements this time for Assignment #2.

  1. Overview lecture slides, ICAs, and course captures (Cavas->Modules).
  2. Come to my office hour tomorrow 12:30-1:30 pm at Alter 604F if you have any question.

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