MIS3504 Digital Design and Innovation Spring 2014

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Exam 3 will be give on Wednesday 4/30/2014

Following a team project overview discussion you will be given the remainder of the class period to complete the third exam.

The primary material covered in the Exam will be on the Design aspects of the course with focus on the topic discussions and exercises reviewed in Classes 8 through 11.

While the exam will focus on design aspects of the discussion there will be reference to the analysis tools (process flow, data entities and business rules) found in some of the questions and applied in the case portions of the exam.

A review of chapter 6 in the text book and the class discussion on the analysis tools will also be helpful

The exam has three sections: (all multiple choice)

1)  12 question on general knowledge of the above subject areas (mostly on Design Topics)

2)  12 questions based on a  case review which is  focused on data elements and there application in a mocked up design solution  (Report designs and layouts will be included in the case material)

3) 16 question on a separate case review which will  focused on the identification / evaluation of business rules and their applicability to a developing potential solution.  

To prepare for the question pertaining to the two cases in the exam, review previous case work assignments and practice identifying the key process steps, data elements and business rules that would be pertinent to creating a solution.

Overall this exam will test you skills in analyzing the information supplied in a case an applying it to a solution 





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Team Project Submission

Due this week 4/30/2014 are the final versions of your team project deliverables

Artifacts to be Delivered:  (electronic and hardcopy)

  • Project Scope Document
  • Process Flow Diagram(s)
  • Data Diagrams
  • Business Rules
  • Scenarios
  • Prototype
  • Presentation

Please send me an electric copy of the deliverable via email

Please print out a hard copy of the materials and turn in as a single package.

Team Presentations

Week of 4/23/2014 each team will present their proposed solution and prototype. 

Presentation should be planned around a 10 minute time frame

Presentation should be structure as follows:

1.            what inspired you (good or bad) [What is your BIG IDEA]
2.            who are the affected stakeholders [PEOPLE/PERSONA]
3.            what are their unmet needs + why are they important [NEEDS AND OPPORTUNITIES]
4.            what is your solution [DEMONSTRATE YOUR PROTOTYPE]
5.            what resources do you need to create and sustain your solution [THE BUSINESS CASE]


Team Draft views of project Scenario and Prototype pages

Due on 4/16/2014 is the Team draft scenario view(s)  of the “Future State” for the scope of the identified team topic.

In addition to the scenario views any mockups of screens to be include in the prototype will be useful in the evaluation the scenario(s). 

Recommend tool to develop the scenario view(s) would be Jusinmind as they can be easily mapped to the prototype screen mockups. 

You may also use the tools in Justinmind to print out the scenario views and screen mock ups.


Team As Is State Analysis

Due on 4/9/2014 is the Team analysis of the “As Is State” for the scope of the identified team topic.

The analysis will define the current state, pertinent to the project, using the tools we discussed and demonstrated in the case assignments.

Deliverable will include:  Process Flow(s) – Swim Lane Diagram,  Data – Entity Diagram(s) and Business rules/Decision Tree

Exam 2 – April 2, 2014

Exam 2 will be taken on April 2, 2014  during the first hour of class

The Exam will primarly focus on the analysis tools outlined and demonstrated in class discussions 5, 6 and 7  and the respective individual case assignments. 

Key topic areas covered in the exam will be: Process Flows, (Swim Lane), Data Analysis (Entity Relationship) and Business Rules (Decision Tree).

Chapter 6 in the text book specifically covered the analysis tools with addition backgound information found in chapter 4.  Review of the class disucssions posted on the web site and follow up case assignments will serve as good study aids.  The Software Requirements Memory Jogger also has examples of the analysis tools and the their components.

Case Solutions can be found on the web site page: Case Assignment Solutions

Individual assignment due on 3/26/2014

Mortgage Program Case Study
Due Class 8, March 26, 2013

Mortgage Program Case link
Business Rule Template

The Deliverables:  Using the information provided:

 1. Identify the set of business rules that The Home Mortgage Company is using to decide what interest rate and type loan (fixed or variable) to grant to an applicant for a thirty year loan. 

2. Draw a Decision Tree of how The Home Mortgage Company should link these business rules to decide what rate and loan type to offer the applicant.

3. Write a list of questions (4 -5) that you want to ask Jack Jones when you go back to him with your draft rules to check if they are correct.



Individual assignment due on 3/19/2014

Data Analysis Case:  Night Owl Case link

The Deliverables:

 Use the Excel Template Sample to:

  1. Create a Glossary of terms from the case
  2. Identify all the data entities that the Night Owl database will need.
  3. For each entity, identify all of the attributes that must be collected. Include information about each entity’s type, range if any, default value, and special requirements.
  4. Indicate the relationships between the different entities.

Use the tool of your choice (Google docs, MS Access, Word, or Sketch on Paper) to create an ER Diagram

Individual assignment due on 3/12/2014

Swim Lane Process Flow

Develop a Swim lane process flow based on the Sales Order Case, located on the class web site. You may use the Swim Lane template also located on the site or other templates found on the internet. 

 If you are having difficulty leveraging one of the template tools then you may draw and submit the swim lane process flow on paper.

 Please submit the assignment in hard copy form.


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