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Exam 3 will be give on Wednesday 4/30/2014

Following a team project overview discussion you will be given the remainder of the class period to complete the third exam.

The primary material covered in the Exam will be on the Design aspects of the course with focus on the topic discussions and exercises reviewed in Classes 8 through 11.

While the exam will focus on design aspects of the discussion there will be reference to the analysis tools (process flow, data entities and business rules) found in some of the questions and applied in the case portions of the exam.

A review of chapter 6 in the text book and the class discussion on the analysis tools will also be helpful

The exam has three sections: (all multiple choice)

1)  12 question on general knowledge of the above subject areas (mostly on Design Topics)

2)  12 questions based on a  case review which is  focused on data elements and there application in a mocked up design solution  (Report designs and layouts will be included in the case material)

3) 16 question on a separate case review which will  focused on the identification / evaluation of business rules and their applicability to a developing potential solution.  

To prepare for the question pertaining to the two cases in the exam, review previous case work assignments and practice identifying the key process steps, data elements and business rules that would be pertinent to creating a solution.

Overall this exam will test you skills in analyzing the information supplied in a case an applying it to a solution 





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