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Week 12 Takeaways

Assigned Reading:

Aircrack-ng Suite should be used in a  Linux environment and not in a Windows OS since there is not much support for it. For someone who has not been previously exposed to this tool, the simplest process is as follows: determining the chipset in the wireless card, determining which of the three options can be used to run the aircrack-ng suite, and getting starting to use this tool. It is important to properly determine the wireless card chipsets since it needs to be compatible with the aircrack-ng suite. Once that first step is complete, then the user can choose the best option to run that suite. There are three various methods that can run this tool, such as in Linux, a live CD, or a VMWare image.

Question for the class:
What are your experiences thus far running the aircrack-ng suite? What is your preferred method to run it and why?

In the news: “18 million stolen IDs discovered on server/criminals in China got illegal access”
The IDs and passwords of about 18 million Internet users have been found on computer server set up by a company named Nicchu Shinsei Corp. in Toshima Ward, Tokyo. The police alleged that the company had provided its customers in China with other people’s IDs to allow them illegal Internet access. The company’s president and other staff were arrested and indicted. The victims were users of major Internet search engine Yahoo Japan, online shopping giant Rakuten, Twitter, Facebook, credit card company Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co. and others. It is important to note that the illegal access were conducted from June to November 2015 and the Nicchu Shinsei’s server was used to illegally send money via the Internet banking systems of more than 10 financial institutions.

For more information on the above article, please click here.

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