Nhi Nguyen

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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A picture of me in May 2019 when I was traveling around China looking for soup dumplings!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy and super productive day to visit my E-portfolio. My name is Nhi Nguyen, and I am an international Owl from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (or approximately 8, 930 miles away from Philadelphia, wow!).

When I ask people What are some words you use to describe me to someone else?  they would say:


Communicative and detail-oriented planner


Hardworking, dependable, and energetic teammate


 Caring, dedicated, and persevering leader  


Why Temple?

I have always wanted to see snow falling down from the sky since I come from a tropical weather country, and I received Full-Tuition Presidential Scholarship from Temple, which provided me great financial support and gave me two additional Stipends that I could use to fund my summer study abroad trips!

Why MIS, You Ask?

I love collecting, organizing, understanding, and making sense of data since I was a little girl. When I was in kindergarten, I had a notebook to keep track of all the trees around my kindergarten campus, including the location, leave color, age, name, and my drawings of them! Growing up a little bit, I developed a habit to track my activities, look for patterns, and identify how I can improve my performance over time. The summer before my freshman year, I helped my dad at his company by organizing Excel files, creating charts, and providing suggestions for the company’s customer service team. But at that time, I haven’t heard of the term “Management Information Systems” or MIS.

My freshman year, I had a chance to take many general business classes, and I fell in love immediately with the Intro class to MIS. I love to challenge myself everyday with new concepts and problems, and I want to be involved in the innovative development of technology and utilize technology to improve people’s lives.


My Owl Life at Temple

I am thankful for what Temple has given me: a lovely second home, caring professors, great groups of friends and classmates, and plenty of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. At Temple, I am actively involved in different organizations, both within and outside Fox School of Business. I also maximize my experience and exposure to the “outside world” through my summer internships and on-campus jobs! Additionally, I also competed in a few case competitions and projects to help me think about my own abilities and set rational and attainable goals for myself.

My team won first place in PwC Case Competition!

Thank You For Visiting!

I would encourage you to explore the rest of my pages to learn more about my experiences and achievements. Please also take a look at my resume and email me at nhi.nguyen@temple.edu with any questions.

Professional Achievements

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