About Gradebook

Simple Gradebook, Version 0.1

A project of Temple University’s Fox School of Business, Management Information Systems (Fox MIS) community initiative.  For more information see http://community.mis.temple.edu. For more information about this plug-in contact Manoj Chacko at chacko@temple.edu.


  1. Easy to use and simple
  2. Students access all their grades from one site including grades from previous terms
  3. Faculty can manage their grades from one site
  4. Faculty can notify students of new grades through a customizable email message
  5. SSL enabled – all information is transmitted securely
  6. No personal information is stored. Grades are indexed and accessed based on the Temple email address of the student.
  7. Manage all your grades on your computer using the convenience of Excel and then when you are ready to distribute, make the grades available to students in a few easy steps.
  8. An integrated course administration page provides a simple gateway for viewing, managing, uploading, and email.
  9. The plugin is automatically enabled for use in multi-site / network implementations of WordPress
  10. LDAP enabled, all users are authenticated using your local LDAP credentials

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