MIS Minor

A minor in MIS provides undergraduate students the ability to specify, select, use, and apply information technology (IT) to their major field of study. The minor provides the skills and terminology needed to become an expert user of IT in the business world.

Vaughn ParkerI choose the MIS minor because Accounting is becoming more integrated with information systems. We are in the “Age of Information” and it makes sense to have informatics under your belt. The best part of MIS is the bonding between professors and students.
Vaughn Parker, Accounting major, MIS minor


Business students will benefit from a minor in MIS. The minor in MIS will position you for jobs in business application areas, consulting positions, technical liaisons, and selling and acquisition of business software.

Christine PintarI chose MIS as a minor because of the increasing shift to technology in the marketing field, I believe that a minor in MIS is the best way to differentiate myself from other marketing majors
Christine Pintar, Marketing major, MIS minor


  • Understand the key information technologies used by organizations.
  • Learn how to specify technology solutions and engage with IT professionals.
  • Understand the importance of business processes
  • Identify how specific IT solutions are designed and implemented to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Apply data analytics to collect, store, analyze, and disseminate organizational information.

John ApplegateWithout a minor in MIS, I would have not even received the interview.
John Applegate
Actuarial Science major, MIS minor



  • MIS 2101. Information Systems in Organizations (prerequisite to start minor)
  • MIS 2502. Data Analytics (also required for majors)
  • MIS 3504. Digital Design and Innovation (also required for majors)

Electives (select one)

  • MIS 3534. Strategic Management of Information Technology
  • MIS 3536. Information Systems Innovation
  • MIS 3537. Internet Enabled Supply Chain
  • MIS 3538. Social Media Innovation
  • MIS 3580. Special Topics Including:MIS 3581. Co-Operative Experience in MIS
    • Secrets of Web 2.0 Marketing
    • Computing in the 21st Century
    • ERP Implementation
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Information Systems Assurance
  • MIS 2501. Enterprise IT Architecture

Grade Requirements: All students must graduate with a minor GPA of 2.0 or higher; C or better is required for each course in the minor; all three minor courses must be taken at Temple University.

Note: To take courses for the MIS minor you must first declare your intent to minor in MIS. If you are not a School of Business student then you will also need to take the Business minor.

Benjamin HoneyfordI acquired the MIS minor because of balance that it brought to my educational experience.
Benjamin Honeyford, Human Resource major, MIS minor

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