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Healthcare Data Entry Management Intern

My overall task  in this internship was to manage employee accounts to ensure they had all of their nursing credentials to be working in facilities. This included being given entire markets and states in which I audited every employee\’s files and worked with the clinicians and managers to fix their files if they were not up to date. Throughout my time at Gale, I was responsible for checking the credentials of clinicians in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, and Florida. I was able to audit clinicians to check for their credentials and take proper action if they did not have what they needed. These actions included contacting clinicians and working with them to get updated documents, notifying market managers on the status of the clinicians in their market, and making employees inactive if they were not properly credentialed. I also worked with the market manager for Pennsylvania to ensure that employees in the Philadelphia market were active employees, and contacted them to see what can help them become more active if they were not already. This internship gave me experience using an information system fitted specifically for their company. It was interesting being on the managerial end of an information system and trying to audit their employees as efficiently as possible. I learned about how systems function in companies in my intro MIS class, but I gained a lot of practical experience by working with one in a corporate setting. I also got an understanding of their company culture, and was able to witness a transition in leadership structure from having a more flat leadership structure to building layers of leadership and becoming a taller structure. This was a fascinating experience, especially because I had just learned about this process in my leadership and organizational management class.

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