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Selected courses I have taken or am currently taking:

MIS0855: Data Science- Throughout this class, I learned to analyze and visualize data. I participated in many interesting projects and activities, including a final project where my team and I analyzed PSSA and Keystone results for the Philadelphia School District. See below for example analysis from this project.

Graph of Passing Rates By Ethnicity Status For Students of the Philadelphia School District

This graph illustrates the differences between students who achieve passing scores on the PSSA or Keystones in the Philadelphia School District, based on their ethnicity status. Data retrieved from Open Data Philly, and it can be found here.

MIS2901: Honors Information Systems in Organizations- This class gave me an intro to information systems, by teaching us about mapping processes using swim lane diagrams and ERDs. We also learned about many different types of software, such as ERP and CRM softwares, and why they are useful to companies. During the last portion of this class, we were also introduced to basic Javascript.

MIS2502: Data and Analytics- This class taught me about about database systems and querying through relational as well as NoSQL databases. We also learned how to discover insights through data analytics software, and use ETL for data cleansing. This class helped me realize that I have an interest in data analytics, and taught me tools such as SQL that are used in many organizations.

MIS2402:Web Application Development- In this class, I learned to create web-based applications that carry out a business process and integrate web-based services. We largely learned coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as how to create API calls. Through this class, I sharpened my coding skills and developed them even further. During this class, I decided to add a certificate in programming because I enjoyed the coding work so much.

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