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AIS Mentorship Program

Spring 2020

My first semester of the AIS mentorship program was wonderful. I came into AIS for the first time this semester, and I didn’t know a lot of people in AIS. Having someone to show me some of the ropes and talk to me about the program, as well as making connections with older students in the program was very valuable. Michelle was able to help me in a lot of ways, especially through the activities we completed in each of our meetings. I especially enjoyed her feedback on my resume, because it was useful to have a second pair of eyes looking at it. Even though everything changed with the nature of COVID-19, I still feel that I gained a lot from this program. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience this semester and I look forward to being a part of the program in the future.

Fall 2020

My second semester of the AIS mentorship program was a great way to get involved in AIS during the virtual semester. With my mentor, I was able to discuss things like my resume, as well as having a combined meeting with another mentor pairing. It was nice to socialize with other people in AIS, especially given that during COVID we do not see a lot of other people in AIS. My mentor also assisted me with goal setting for the semester at the beginning of the program, and we made a practical plan to ensure that I could reach my goals by the end of the semester. It was very nice to meet another upperclassman in MIS, especially given that this is only my second semester in the program. It was especially nice given that I am getting into my MIS classes with MIS2402 and MIS2502, and I am grateful that I was able to be a part of this awesome program!

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