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Target Case Competition

Target Case Competition- Fourth Place

Spring 2020

I participated in the Target Case Competition hosted by Temple’s Fox School of Business. My team was comprised of myself, an Accounting student, an Actuarial Science student, and another student who majors in both International Business and Spanish. During this competition, my team was tasked with examining a business problem that Target presented to us, and then we had to come up with a unique solution to their problem. This year’s topic was regarding supply chain issues and meeting demand for Target’s physical location as well as their website, while keeping customer satisfaction at a maximum and avoiding out of stock products. First, my team and I collaborated to research, come up with a solution, and then create a ten-page executive report detailing our solution and its potential impact on Target’s business. Our executive report was judged, and we made it to the semifinals, being in the top five teams, and then presented our solution to Target Executives. We ended up placing fourth overall. This competition was a valuable experience for me because I was able to utilize the skills I was learning in MIS2901 to propose implementation of ERP software to solve the problem given. I was also able to make a swim lane diagram to illustrate how the ERP implementation process would happen in stores. See image below. This also helped me to improve by giving me an opportunity to practice my professional presentation skills. Teamwork was also an invaluable skill during this process, as I worked in a team of four. These are all skills that I plan on building on in the future, and using for years to come. See below for the link to our case report.

A Swim Lane Diagram For ERP Implementation In Target's Stores

Case Report

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