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Business Risk Services Intern

Business Risk Internship consisted of the following tasks: Assess risk and evaluate the IT consideration documents by comparing previous year documents to the current year ones as required by the firm to assist with IT Auditing. Create entrance memo, prepare request lists and tag work papers to sign off as preparer. Meet with the clients, discuss the firm policies and record the necessary details according to the instructions. Most of engagements or projects I worked with were public and specifically; local government (Common Wealth of Pennsylvania- Department of Human Services, Health Services), higher education (NJHSEAA, Widener University, Harvard College, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio) and some private clients (WellDyneRx – Pharmaceutical Industry). For all these clients, I was evaluating the IT Procedures by checking the IT consideration forms, assessing risk and communicate with clients. I learned about logical access requirements, change management SDLC, organizational structure, disaster management and business continuity policies and IT security procedures according to the state standards and matching with what is used by the clients. I learnt a lot of IT terminology related to security, application of IT auditing and on how to perform risk assessment, matrices testing throughout the internship. It also helped me apply the precision that we gain from MIS classes when we do data analysis, create matrices etc.I applied some of the data science and data analysis classes by reading graphs and other documents.

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