New opportunities for internship and work experience in MIS

The Fox School’s Institute for Business and Information Technology is pleased to announce a program for industry to engage with students. The program termed “industry experience” provides students with new options to gain ‘experiential’ – on the job learning. The highly customizable and flexible program provides employers with access to student employees. The IBIT industry experience consists of three different types of internships:

  • Traditional internships in which students are employed on site, have a fixed schedule, and a general supervisor and mentor.
  • Project-based internships in which students interact with the firm on a project basis, follow a flexible schedule, work on-site and off-site, and have a project-based supervisor.
  • Service learning internships in which students work on a community-service project that is of interest to the employees of the firm.

Students receive academic credit and will register for a class that is graded as part of the industry experience. The instructor will provide the overall structure for the experience, the employer is responsible for supervising the student.  For more information, please visit:

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