MIS Graduating Class Presents 15 Innovative Projects


Judges-turned-mentors observe and score the students’ final presentations.

This past May, BBA in MIS upperclassmen presented 15 original projects in MIS’s semi-annual Showcase—the class’s final sendoff before completing their Capstone Course.

Comprising 15 teams, the 72 students (and largest class to date) worked together to develop projects that reflected and drew from their myriad experiences at Fox. They were mentored by real-world business leaders, many of them members of the Fox IT Advisory Board, who became the event’s judges on the day of the competition.

“The most rewarding part was actually presenting to a group of important industry professionals,” said student Alexa Dardes, whose team designed a travel app called “Euro101.” “Everyone took our ideas and thoughts seriously, which is something I really appreciated.”

Of the projects, first place and $500 were awarded to “Streamline,” a web application that uses one central interface to let users access all of their online video subscriptions. “We capitalized on our strengths and developed an expansive prototype, meeting a current need in an exciting way,” said team member Robert Scanlon.

Second place and $250 were given to “Time2Drink,” a mobile application designed for bar owners and their patrons. “Working with our mentor Joe Spagnoletti was invaluable as he taught us how to keep the business aspects of development in mind throughout the entire process,” said team member Jeffrey McMahon.

“The quality of the presentations has gotten better every semester,” said Bruce Hohne, who taught two of the course’s three sections (the third was taught by Munir Mandviwalla). “Plus, it was the first time ever that we invited some of the underclassmen [to the showcase],” Bruce added. “They’ll be on the other side of the podium next year. It was great preparation.”

Keeping up tradition, next semester’s MIS class will surely unveil projects that continue to innovate.

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team's winning project, "Streamline."

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team’s winning project, “Streamline.”

 Below is a complete list of projects, students, and mentors.

Streamline (first place)
Students: Joe Cenatiempo, Pat Edmunds, Andy Roche, Bob Scanlon, Josh Wise
Mentor: Jonathan Brassington, Partner and CEO, LiquidHub
An online video portal that lets users watch video from every site to which they subscribe, all in one location.

Time2Drink (runner-up)
Students: Jeff McMahon, Jordan Fata, Aidan O’Kane, Paul Womer, Joshua Stern
Mentor: Joseph Spagnoletti, SVP & CIO, Campbell’s Soup Company
A mobile application that provides value to the customer, bar owner, and bartender, facilitating a more streamlined bar-going experience.

Students: Alexa Dardes, Tom Fecca, Murtada Alkinani, Taylor Perry, Gladys Guardia
Mentor: Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief, ZDNet
An application that takes the guesswork out of traveling to Europe, assisting with pre-trip planning and offering critical travel information.

Students: Daniel Goff, William Trost, Brian Locklear, David Giusti, Colin Farrell
Mentor: Rich Cohen, Managing Director, Deloitte
A “Yelp for bathrooms,” this mobile application aggregates user-generated reviews, comments, and photos of nearby public restrooms.

What’s Due?
Students: Mike Nordeman, Shane Amzovski, Garland Walker, Megan Gasper
Mentor: David Kaufman, Executive Consultant and Partner, FIN Strategy Adviser
A mobile application through which college professors can upload tests, quizzes, homework, and readings, and students can download materials to sync them to their calendars.

Net Linx
Students: Brittany Hafer, Ngoc Le, Sneh Patel, Scott Raff, Yolandra Brown
Mentor: Varghese Thomas, SVP and Global Head of Infrastructure Solutions, NYSE
A personalized network management solution that lets users keep track of people they meet without having to juggle business cards or other materials.

Venturin’ Philly
Students: David Omojogunra, Justin Kane, Luke Kockott, Sam Peyros, Adam Kuhn
Mentor: Craig Conway, Chief Technology Officer, Livingston International
An interactive application that recommends restaurants, attractions, and little-known destinations in Philadelphia.

White Collar
Students: Jim Davanzo, Brianna Judge, Nicholas Horn, Miraziz Zakhidov, John Shaw
Mentor: Robert Moore, CEO, RJMetrics
A wardrobe management application for young professionals that schedules and recommends outfits for workdays and business events.

Students: Vexhi “Ng” Buharaja, Kelley Davis, Sean Wheeler, Mike Reeser, Reham Raja
Mentor: Andrea Anania, Former CIO, Cigna
A web-based portal that uses a matching algorithm to connect organizations to qualified, desired volunteers.

Temple Human Resources Process Mapping
Students: Oksana Arpaderli, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, Hoaivy Tran Pham, Thanh Tran
Mentor: Rick Morris, Project Manager, Temple University
A program that isolates areas of improvement in Temple’s HR business processes and improves employee satisfaction.

Mentor: Jeff Hamilton, Senior VP, Pfizer
Students: Tatsuya Emoto, Sun Min Ma, Omer M. Sabir, Chad Unera, Anthony Bonanni
A web-meta search engine, which allows users to compile all possible travel routes between various locations by using different ground transportation services.

Pro Recommendation
Students: Matt Andrien, Joseph Doyle, Jessica Margetich, Sara Rezaeian
Mentor: Tim O’Rourke, VP & CIO, Computer and Financial Services
An authenticating and efficiency-boosting system for requesting and submitting professional letters of recommendation.

Dream Big
Students: Joe Nespoli, Patrick Cantelmi, Kayla Shaffer, Jason Lee, David Dupel
Mentor: Niraj Patel, EVP & CIO, Witmer LLC
A website that provides advice and private mentoring to high school students.

Last Fan Standing
Students: Cameron Crossley, John Carsia, Jackie Ling, Darin Bartholomew, Roman Nicholas
Mentor: Bruce Fadem, Former VP & CIO, Wyeth
A mobile trivia sports application that allows players to enter into communal trivia games at low cost and compete for the chance to win large cash prizes.

Students: Michael Mastrocola, Jaspreet Badesha, Priyanka Ranu, Amandeep Kaur, Mauchel Barthelemy
Mentor: Joe Weiss, Chairman, Electronic Ink
A personalized travel application that caters to the user’s likes, interests, hobbies, cultural background, and more.


  • Munir Mandviwalla
  • Bruce Hohne

Credits: Photos, Joe Allegra



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