Four new faculty join the MIS department

The Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems is pleased to welcome four new full-time faculty members in fall 2015.

Detmar Straub  Detmar Straub is Professor and IBIT Distinguished Visiting Professor of MIS. He recently retired from Georgia State University after 23 years. He is a hiker on trails all over America and turns wood for a hobby. 
 Laurel Miller Laurel Miller, Assistant Professor, received her MS in Education from the Temple University. She also is the Director of the Institute for Business and Information Technology and manages the corporate membership program.
 Jing Gong Jing Gong, Assistant Professor, will soon to receive her doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University. She enjoys studying consumer and firm behavior in technology-mediated markets. Jing likes to cook and go hiking, and is always eager to learn new technologies and methods.
 Amy Lavin Amy Lavin, Assistant Professor, received her MBA from the Fox School of Business, Temple University, where she was most recently responsible for the implementation of Salesforce as the Technical Training Manager. Aside from teaching, her other passions include spending time with family, cooking and reading.


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