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Compass Cybersecurity Symposium 2020

  • Name of sponsoring organization
    • Compass IT Compliance, LLC
  • Details of the activity (e.g., where, when)
    • 2:15pm EST – How To Succeed As A Cybersecurity Leader – Mark Burnette
    • Zoom Conference
  • What you learned…
    • Cybersecurity Leadership
    • Cybersecurity Success:
      • Earn Credibility- Understand what\’s driving your business. Try not to be only focused on \”cyber\” security. Use newsworthy events to expand your knowledge.
      • Build Allies- Invest in your relationship with your supervisors. Start discussions with higher management. Don\’t say \”NO\” for risky business ideas instead find steps to manage risk to acceptable levels. Get legal, audit, and compliance on board(allies are important for funding/policy making).
      • Hone Your Message- Don\’t talk technically with upper management(dumb it down). If your having issues on getting approval find out if its because either your company is not into cybersecurity or your not good at explaining.
      • Other- Regularly access your program\’s effectiveness. Don\’t track a programs compliance(shift to security risk management). Choose a security framework to evaluate program & progress(be mindful of framework paralysis).
      • Tips: Security polices need to be robust(need to constantly update), use multifactor authentication for all remote access.
  • How the activity relates to coursework or your career goals
    • MIS is such a versatile degree. Im trying to get more experience in different fields available to me. Cybersecurity in general is an interesting field and in our current digital age were dependent on it to protect our data/personal information. As such getting some experience in cybersecurity felt an important step to be a more well rounded MIS student.
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