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Digital Employee Engagement Through and Post COVID-19

Fireside chat on September 20th, 2020 run through The Fox School\\\\\\\’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT).

Who? Linda Descano, Executive Vice President, Red Havas

What? How \\\\\\\”Employee Engagement\\\\\\\” has changed in this current Coivd-19 climate.

Where? This new digital workplace where more IT/business jobs are transitioning to working remotely from home.

When? Will happen during & after Coivd-19. As more companies realize their might not need an actual office/workspace.

Why? This is important as keeping employees engaged is a crucial part of retaining, motivating, and interacting with employees. In this more digital workspace engaging employees is getting more difficult.

How? Companies are trying to solve this by…

  • Dedicated Communications: Regular email, phone calls, meetings with management.
  • Personalized Communications and Active Listening: Tailored communications depending on individuals role. Employee were also communicating with furloughed employees to hopefully retain them in the future.
  • Supporting Collaboration & Productivity: Finding ways to encourage productivity/communications when working remotely.
  • Addressing the Whole Person: Being flexible to employee needs, digital wellness classes, breaks, employee assistance programs, online resources for parents/children.

That companies need to actively engage employees while remotely working to help keep \\\\\\\”Employee Engagement\\\\\\\” high. While this can be a challenge it can be possible with the above mentioned methods.

This activity relates as working remotely is starting to be the norm for not just IT related jobs. As businesses realize there able to function while working from home. As such learning about the work environment were going into will be important for our futures.


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