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Digital Leader Fireside Chat: Stacy Greiner – Customer Experience 2021

  • Hosted by Temple\\\’s \\\”Institute of business and information technology\\\”.
  • Where?  Virtual Seminar
  • When?  02/10/2021
  • What? Organizing for and Digitizing the Next Generation Customer Journey
  • Why? Learning how companies are adapting to customer needs in both a digital ecosystem and COVID environment.


An interesting feature more firms are using to enhance their customer experience is improved chat bots. They have become vital during a time where their are excess amount of demand for assistance/help across the board for services. These improved AI chatbots allow for a cutdown on needless interaction for simple questions(FAQ\\\’s) that would otherwise tie-ups valuable human customer service.


This relates to my course as it allows for me to see how customer service sector in IT is working to alleviate the excess demand for assistance as more firms switch to a digital office.

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