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Digital Leader Fireside Chat: Cindy Leavitt: Accelerating Agile/DevOps transformation in a CoVID world

Fireside chat on January 27th, 2021 run through The Fox School Business’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT).

Who? \”Cindy Leavitt is the CIO and Vice President of Information Technology Services at Temple University.\”

What? \”Accelerating Agile/DevOps transformation in a CoVID world\” meaning learning to adjust working in a COVID world. In which their is a higher emphasis on multitasking while multiple people are working on the same system.  Such as upgrading a system/program in Realtime without downtime for those dependent on the system for acess.

Where? Digital Workspaces in a COVID world.

When? Currently during the pandemic and long-term as companies transition to digital workspaces.

Why? We need to adapt to prevent problems and increase productivity in the long-term.

How? Consolidation of information/services. While also finding the right programs to be using to replace more outdated systems.


This relates as AGILE/DevOps are impotent roles we might be entering into. Especially as more companies are relaying on a digital workspace.

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