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Week Ending 10/3/14 Journal Entry

This week, we as PMs and our BAs focused most of our attention on the tests, so we may have fallen a little behind on the project.  Although not all PMs were able to attend, our BAs asked us to meet to discuss their first test and provide them with helpful tips so that they could be successful.  They mentioned that they still had difficulties on the test, but I am confident that the help that we as PMs provided will result in the BAs doing better than origninlaly expected.

We are stressing the importance to the BAs that they need to start getting very comfortable with JustinMind.  Additionally, we suggested that they complete the extra credit assignment to familiarize themselves with the software.  We are scheduling a “workshop” with the BAs in the coming days to share our knowledge with JustinMind and answer any other questions they may have.

As a PM team, we did not have time to meet this week; however, we are planning to this weekend or early next week.  Now that the first exam is out of the way, we will definitely start to perfect the deliverables so that we can end with a successful project.

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