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Week Ending 10/17/14 Journal Entry

This week our team completed the Org Chart, RACI, and Stakeholder’s Analysis that were due on Monday.  We took the feedback that was given from our classmates on the documents and made the appropriate changes. On Thursday, the PMs had a meeting to discuss our project’s status.  We went over the budget in preparation for next week’s class.  Additionally, we discussed establishing a deadline for our deliverables so that we can review all of them before the end of the project.  Sean, Courtney, and I have a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday to work on the documents that were delegated to us.  We do not have a set time yet; however, we plan to have another meeting with our team’s BAs over the weekend or early next week to answer questions that they may have about their upcoming exam.  Overall, I believe that our team is making solid progress and I am pleased with how eager we all are to produce an exceptional final project.

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