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Program Management Professional: How to manage the Portfolio Delivery

today I learned about portfolios and how to manage the portfolio delivery. Having a proper portfolio ensures that the right mix of projects are in the portfolio to maximize overall returns. another benefit is projects remain aligned with business goals and strategies throughout their execution. The webinar mainly focused on the Kanban. I was taught the meaning of Kanban then informed on the principles and the 6 practices. the first of the 6 is to visualize the flow. The second is to limit work in progress mainly by reducing batch size. The third is to measure and manage flow. the fourth is to make policies explicit. the fifth is to establish feedback loops and the last is to improve collaboratively and evolve experimentally. than the webinar went to show examples of Kanban at scale and taught us the 12 steps for implementing Kanban which are Discovery workshop (train leadership and change agents), Implementation roadmap (Key initiatives and milestones), Design Kanban systems and architect ADO to support it, Begin pilot teams, Design program Kanban, Start program management, Onboard initial teams, Design Portfolio Kanban, Start portfolio Governance, Onboard other teams, Design self assessment, Continuous improvement (Inspections and Adaption mindset. Establish learning manifesto and supporting practices). That last thing that was taught was Portfolio success criteria  which is measured by the programs and projects ability to deliver its intended benefits to an organization and by efficiency and effectiveness in delivering said benefits.

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