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Related Coursework

Related Courses Spring 2020

Digital Systems (MIS2101)

In this course I was introduced to the content of MIS. I was introduced to how information systems and digital platforms play a role in the business environment. I learned a lot about the different types of information systems and was also introduced to the concepts of coding to build simple software applications.

Cost Accounting (ACCT2521)

In this course, I learned the accumulation and analysis of cost accounting information for the valuation of products and services, internal decision making, and measurement of financial performance. I was given exposure to the management side of accounting, rather than the usual financial accounting.

Related Courses Fall 2020

Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT3511)

This is the first course in a 2 course sequence. In this course I started with the accounting fundamentals and started to work my way through the accounting cycle. A large portion of the class was learning about the form and content of financial statements.

Accounting Information Systems (ACCT3526)

This course was an introduction to the evaluation and design of accounting information systems. I examined the internal controls, networking options, and security issues. Some of the software studied in this course was Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. In this course I was introduced to the topic of data and analytics that sparked my interest in the MIS major.

Related Courses Spring 2021

Data and Analytics (MIS2502)

In this class I learned a variety of different databases to support applications. Some of these databases included MySQL, NoSQL, Mongodb, and Rstudio. Over the term of the course I learned about data, from starting at data entry to data analysis.

Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT3512)

This course is a continuation of the topics taught in Intermediate Accounting I. Topics learned in the course are bonds, stockholders equity, leases, earnings per share, operating and financing liabilities, pensions, and much more.

Related Courses Fall 2021 

Web Application Development (MIS2402) 

In this course, I am now able to create web-based applications that carry out a business process and integrate web-based services. I learned about loops, arrays, conditional statements, data validation, responsive web design, and making API calls.

Auditing (ACCT3596)

In this course I studied current auditing standards related to the examination of financial statements by an independent auditor. I learned the significance of the audit report; the nature, accumulation, and evaluation of evidence for balances and transaction cycles; and the moral and ethical problems of the auditor are some of the topics covered.

Lead Global Digital Projects (MIS3535)

In this course I learned about the profession of being a project manager. A large portion of the class was a hands-on semester long project where I, along

Related Courses Spring 2022

Cloud Architecture (MIS3406)

This course provides the knowledge to design and build cloud-based network infrastructures for deploying applications securely at scale. We will also create and deploy a simple RESTful API for consumption with fault-tolerance.

User Experience Design (MIS3506)

In this course we will describe, scope, and build a complete user experience. We will also understand the role of usability and design principles. We will build innovative and pleasurable user interfaces that achieve human, social, organizational, and business model goals.

Federal Income Tax for Individuals (ACCT3581)

This course provides an in-depth study of federal income tax laws and regulations for individual taxation. In class we will focus on definitions and uses of accounting terms and practices as they relate to income tax forms, concepts, legal issues, and planning. We will also utilize research and software tools to solve practical tax problems and the completion of a Form 1040 along with tax planning modules.

Advanced Accounting (ACCT3533)

This course will provide an in-depth study of business combinations, intercompany transactions, and other aspects of inter-corporate stock ownership necessary for the preparation of consolidated financial statements. It will also cover foreign currency transactions, foreign currency translation, partnership accounting, governmental accounting and not-for- profit accounting.

Related Courses Fall 2022 – In Progress

Web Service Programming (MIS3502)

This course will integrate concepts learned from Cloud Architecture and User Experience Design. In this course, we will create and deploy a complete, end-to-end web-based application. We will also design and build complex RESTful APIs, creating single-page applications that consume and integrate multiple APIs to create a seamless user experience.

Managing Enterprise Cybersecurity (MIS4596)

In this capstone course for MIS, we will learn how to secure systems and the enterprise using cryptography, authentication, and ethical hacking. In this writing-intensive course for MIS, we will also identify and communicate cybersecurity risks facing businesses through risk assessment reports that support management decisions

Accounting Analytics (ACCT4501)

This capstone course is designed to enable students to evaluate generally accepted accounting principles, to relate accounting theory to accounting practice and to examine accounting issues with new technologies. The course is intended to serve as a transition from academia to professional practice.

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