Kyle Matusik

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


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In MIS 3535, we were tasked with playing the role of project managers for entrepreneurs at Temple. I was paired with a second project manager, and together we met as a team weekly to go over progress and talk about any concerns. I constructed and collaborated on a variety of documents for the project, including project charters, risk management plans, quality management plans, etc. At the end of the semester, We compiled all of our documents into a final deliverables binder and successfully closed out the project. Here are my weekly progress reports for the assignment.

Progress report 23 September 2016: progress-report-23-september

Progress report 30 September 2016: progress-report-30-september

Progress report 7 October 2016: progress-report-7-october

Progress report 14 October 2016: progress-report-14-october-2016

Progress report 21 October 2016: progress-report-21-october-2016

Progress report 28 October 2016: progress-report-28-october-2016

Progress report 4 November 2016: progress-report-4-november-2016

Progress report 11 November 2016: progress-report-11-november-2016

Progress report 18 November 2016: progress-report-18-november-2016

Progress report 2 December 2016: progress-report-2-december-2016

Progress report 9 December 2016: progress-report-9-december-2016

Professional Achievements

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