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Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals

  1. Title of the module
    1. Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals
  2. Term in which the course was completed
    1. Fall 2022
  3. Type of course: professional skills, technology skills
    1. Data Science Skills
  4. In this LinkedIn Learning module I learned about the basics and fundamentals of data science. First we went over what data science is and the data science pathway, which includes planning, wrangling, modeling, and applying. They went on to cover data science’s place in society and the role big data plays. The lesson covered the ethics of how to conduct surveys and collect data as well as sources of data and where to collect it. The course went on to describe the tools of data science, including coding language like python. Finally, the course described how important it is to have data science be interpretable and making sure there you use data science for doing. In other words, making sure projects you are doing are controllable, practical, and sequential. These are a few of the things I learned during the course that helped me explore data science.
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