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Thinkful Webinar Replay || What is UX/UI Design?

  • Title of the activity
    • Thinkful Webinar Replay || What is UX/UI Design?
  • Term in which it was completed
    • Fall 2022
  • Sponsoring organization
    • Thinkful Webinars
  • Details of the activity (e.g., where, when)
    • Sept. 2, 6:00-7:00pm on Zoom
  • What you learned
    • In this webinar I learned the difference between UX(user experience) and UI(user interface) The UX is how things work, while the UI is how things look. There is a research process for UX design that includes researching, defining, ideating, prototyping, testing, and implementing. UX focuses more on the user while UI focuses more on designs, colors, and the aesthetics.
  • How the activity relates to coursework or your career goals
    • This activity relates to my coursework because it helps me understand what is important when designing websites and what may be useful to the end user when it comes to features on a website.
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