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Python for Students

  1. Title of the module
    1. Python for Students
  2. Term in which the course was completed
    1. Fall 2022
  3. Type of course: professional skills, technology skills
    1. Coding/Technology Skills
  4. In this LinkedIn Learning module I learned about the basics of python and how to make basic codes. The module went over how to start editing python code using their editor as well as the other platforms that are available to code on. The module showed how basic calculations can be done on python and how to print strings. The module then went over lists and loops and how we can use them to create a menu that shows the prices of the items on the menu. Finally the module ended with how to use if and else and how to use turtle to draw on the screen. Finally, the module briefly went over online resources that can help beginners use python if they have any trouble. This course will help me in my future coursework because python is a very important language that is used by all programmers and it is important to be familiar with the syntax because it will make me prepared for any coursework involving python.
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