MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

Facebook sees apps in its future…..lots of apps


1.  Is Facebook Group a service that you would use?  Why or Why not?

2.  Do you think Mark Zukerburg’s strategy for creating new apps for Facebook will attract new users?

3.  Are standalone apps more user friendly than having to deal with the services through Facebook?


13 Responses to Facebook sees apps in its future…..lots of apps

  • 1. I think that I would definitely use a Facebook Group service. I currently use GroupMe and WhatsApp for my group chats. The platforms are pretty nice, but I think that if Facebook made something better that would be a great option. It would be awesome to be using the same platform for most of my services.
    2. I do think Zuckerberg’s strategy will attract new users. They need to keep updating and advancing their services to keep drawing in new users. And a app such as the one they are discussing in the article is a great new idea.
    3. It would be nicer to have an individual app that doesn’t go exactly through Facebook. It would just be nice to have one company such as Facebook to use for all of the services I want.

  • Most of the people I communicate with already have whatsapp, viber, etc, I already hae so many group apps on my phone and tablets i dont use so facebook group would just end up probably being one of them. Taking a second look at the article, group me could actually come in handy especially for us college students and all the group work we get. It could be a faster way to communicate and you dont have to give out your number.
    I think it would attract a couple of new users. The current facebook messenger app has the ability to add people to the conversation i think and even though i have a lot facebook friends, they all tend to hit me up on whatsapp rather than facebook messenger
    I am interested in seeing the variety of apps facebook will come up with to add to the few.

  • I think that Facebook will become more than just a social media site in the future. I for one do not use Facebook mainly because I am not an aspiring picture taker or feel the need to continually post my status. What I can say is I would absolutely be on board if it somehow was a part of my employment or Business.

    Mark Zuckerburg’s strategy will encourage new users only if the apps give non-members more privacy. It would be more confidential for families, friends, and business groups. If it catches on it could encourage older generations to get on the band wagon. People are always up for new ideas they just have to be encouraged to use new technology.

  • 1. Is Facebook Group a service that you would use? Why or Why not?
    Personally I do not think I would use this specific service because I am not a big fan of updating my status. I do think it would have a following and possibly be a competitor with twitter. Because it would allow you to post your thoughts but to specific groups instead of everyone.

    2. Do you think Mark Zukerburg’s strategy for creating new apps for Facebook will attract new users?
    I definitely think this will attract new users. The youth of today is attached to their mobile devices and love any new “app of the day”. I don’t think Facebook will ever be replaced but I think just based on the success they already have with Instagram, it shows the trends are in their favor. I think other businesses will take advantage of the separate apps since they are free methods of communication.

    3. Are standalone apps more user friendly than having to deal with the services through Facebook?
    I think that is a personal preference because I like being able to see everything on facebook and I think it is extremely user friendly. But I guess when you separate the individual functions out it most likely will be even simpler.

  • 1. Personally, I probably wouldn’t use Facebook Group, but I know that there are many people that would. I am a Facebook user but I like to keep it simple.

    2. Yes, I think new apps will attract new users. Mark Zukenburg, realizes that he has to stay competitive and in order to do that he has to continue to evolve his product. There will be plenty new users. The younger generation are being born into the digital world. As our children grow and are apart of this digital society they need new innovative technological products and services. Our digital society must stay competitive.

    3. Again, , the standalone apps will attract new users. I think it will be a personal preference but definitely something that people will use.

  • 1. I’m actually one of the few people who doesn’t have a Facebook account or uses any social media. I find my privacy invaded which bothers me. But with that said the idea of limiting information to only particular groups does attract people similar to me who don’t want everyone to see everything.
    2. I think he definitely has another great idea. This man understands that things need to change to keep up with people’s changing mindsets and wants. Even if all his new ideas don’t pan out, having only one that attracts new people is still successful and keeps the Facebook brand popular.
    3. Not having been on Facebook in awhile and only hearing about changes, I think those who like it simple will like the separate apps but if it causes people to feel it’s too time-consuming then it’ll fail.

  • I’m not sure that I would use the group service app. I do use Facebook to keep up with friends and family, especially those who live far away, and also to keep up with bloggers, retailers, companies, etc. that spark my interest. I don’t post much and I’m a somewhat private person so my posts are very personal. For personal news I use old fashioned methods of communication. However, I do have a page for my side business so this app may be useful whenever I need to communicated with my followers on something business related.

    Producing standalone apps for Facebook sounds cumbersome to me. Why not just one app that does everything? It’s been my experience that whenever Facebook changes, people complain about these changes until they get used to them. Getting used to them does not necessarily mean that they like them. It’s all a matter of preference and how people use Facebook. I’m sure it will attract new users but it also may not appeal to others (current or otherwise).

  • 1. Is Facebook Group a service that you would use? Why or Why not?

    Yes, I would because it will give me a comfort zone to share contents to the particular group that I involve with.

    2. Do you think Mark Zukerburg’s strategy for creating new apps for Facebook will attract new users?

    I think so, there are many people who are refrain themselves from opening a Facebook account because of privacy.
    3. Are standalone apps more user friendly than having to deal with the services through Facebook?
    Yes, standalone apps are more user friendly, because you don’t have to log in into Facebook account every time you use the apps.

  • 1. Using Facebook as a group messaging service is very convenient for group projects with other students, so that we do not have to always meet on campus. I find it easy to communicate with others through the group chat.

    2. The new app strategy could be beneficial in attracting new users and can show them the ins and outs of Facebook in a simple way.

    3. I enjoy the way Facebook is set up currently and I would have to see the benefits from a standalone app. Facebook is very user friendly as the people above have mentioned and allows the user to customize their preferences in many different ways.

  • 1. Yes definitely and do use it creates an environment to easily talk to the people you want to talk too. It also gets rid of other people seeing what you want to closely share.
    2. I think it will because its start to pull away from the whole facebook collecting all your information bit. With being separated it makes people unaware that it is indeed created by facebook.
    3. Standalone apps are definitely more friendly because as i said before in the younger generation facebook is starting to have a negative connotation. With being stand alone it will still profit facebook and attract more people who are anti-facebook and social media. Additionally i feel like apps are always improving and topping one another so the possibilities are endless.

  • 1. I think the idea for Facebook Group is good one. With that said, I doubt that I’d be an “early adopter.” I do not post anything that I wouldn’t want either a client, employer or my parents to see! I also don’t post status updates very often. I’m more a silent participant and pay attention to posts from clients and friends that I don’t speak with on a regular basis. As a way to stay informed on important life events, birthdays etc.

    2/3. Given that more and more FB users are utilizing mobile devices over a standard PC, absolutely. Everything is so much better with an app. From booking reservations, to checking into flights, to paying for parking, apps are a HUGE convenience.

  • As the chapter talks about, “to gain and sustain significant competitive advantage, firms must often deploy the latest technologies or re-invent , deploy and re-invest in existing technologies in clever new ways.” (p.71) I think this is just want Zuckerburg is trying to achieve with these new apps. Lately, I have been hearing that a lot of younger kids are not using facebook – so they have to come up with something new to keep people interested and attract new members! This kind of innovation is what will keep fb as a main player in the market – or else, they might go the way of MySpace! Do you guys even remember MySpace?

  • 1. Is Facebook Group a service that you would use? Why or Why not?

    Yes, I would certainly use it. Being a universal platform everyone and anyone would be able to access the platform. Which in turn would enable meetings to be held at anytime anywhere.
    2. Do you think Mark Zukerburg’s strategy for creating new apps for Facebook will attract new users?

    It will most certainly attract more individuals. It will attract an audience that may have not been attracted by the original facebook platform.

    3. Are standalone apps more user friendly than having to deal with the services through Facebook?

    I would say so. By not having to login every time you don’t feel as if your information is being publicized.

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