MIS2101 Section 702 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2014

ERP System

CIO’s, CEO’s and ERP Systems



Chief Information Officers (CIO) have the unfortunate task of attempting to not only keep up with the rapid changing technology in the world, but they also must find the best suitable technology for their company. Failure to not have the latest version or most comprehensive software out their could lead to competitors having an advantage. This article discusses challenges companies and their CIO’s face when trying to implement an ERP system.

After reading this article

1. How can CEO’s get CIO’s to understand the business goals of the company so that the CIO’s can make more informed decisions?

2. With how fast technology is constantly changing and the high costs of newer products in the market, can CEO’s expect CIO’s to always have the best, most updated ERP system?

3. Do you think most ERP systems fail because they are not suited for the business or because management has not properly trained employees on how to use the system?

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