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Can Delaware Val. Become Next Home to Amazon HQ?

Earlier today, it was announced that Amazon received 238 proposals from cities to be the home to their new headquarters.  Among that number are two local cities: Philadelphia and Bristol Township.  Bristol is offering just below 300 acres of land for them to build on that is currently owned by Dow Chemical Company, who is looking to sell.  Living so close to both towns, I might be a little biased but ultimately feel that either one would make a great fit for the new HQ.  Here are some of the requirements:

  1. Metropolitan area with more than 1 million people
  2. Strong labor force with expertise in computer software development and engineering, executive management, legal, and accounting
  3. Access to mass transportation (airport, railroad, highways)

Do you think that the Delaware Valley is a good location for the next Amazon HQ?  Do you foresee any infrastructural issues?

The company is expected to make its announcement in 2018.  Whichever city becomes home to the new HQ can expect at least 50,000 newly-created jobs, and that’s not even considering the several thousand jobs created for the construction of the new facility.

I know most of us in this section are seniors, do you think the competition for skill jobs would be competitive?  Do you think Temple and the other Philadelphia universities are create enough of a talent pool to compete in the race?





3 Responses to Can Delaware Val. Become Next Home to Amazon HQ?

  • I think the Delaware Valley would be a great location for Amazon’s new HQ due to the large amount of skilled talent in the area. The Philadelphia area has several top universities that could serve as a pipeline of talented skilled individuals for Amazon. There are not many areas that could provide Amazon with a young, diverse, and innovative workforce than the Philadelphia area. Overall, I believe Amazon would be making the right decision to build its new HQ in the Delaware valley.

  • As much as I agree, I believe it is honestly just a pipe dream. I feel like the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as the city of Philadelphia, have a bad rap in terms of business taxes. Unfortunately, I think even though there are a lot of people in political positions trying to change that, it is just too late in terms of changing the reputation by the time Amazon decides where they are going to put HQ2. However, Philly still has a great tech pipeline and fits all the requirements they are looking for.

  • Based on their requirements, I can’t think of a better fit for their new HQ than Philly. We have well over 1 million people, excellent Universities that can produce top talent, and an exceptional mass transit system. The mass transit system is an important requirement because we are not as densely populated as cities like New York or Chicago, so this makes transportation in Philly much more practical. I think that Philly is in consideration because of the recent public spotlight it has been given with the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and this past April with the NFL Draft.

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