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Real World Control Failure Presentations

Instructions for the presentation


  1. Submit the presentation to me via email (at – no later than noon the day the case study is to be discussed in class. The file should be in Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt or pptx) format.
  2. Late submissions will not receive assignment credit


  1. Use the presentation template provided.
  2. Briefly (3 slides max) discuss the:
    1. Background or Context of the control failure scenario
    2. Control Failures that occurred
    3. Results of the control failures that occurred
    4. What Could / Should those in authority Have Done Differently  e.g. What could have prevented the control failure or mitigated the extent of the failure?
    5. Provide reference to information about the failure

Presentation Style: Points will also be awarded for presentation style. Here are some tips that you may want to note:

  1. Remember that the slides are not the presentation. Avoid reading verbatim from the slides.
  2. Make sufficient eye contact with the class. It is not a good idea to read prepared notes directly.
  3. Make the slides sufficiently interesting. For example, you can include pictures or videos related to the company.
  4. Formal attire is not required for this presentation.

Global Bike Inc: System Access

Here is the information needed to access the SAP system we’re using for class exercises.  These exercises use the Global Bike Inc. (GBI) system.

In class use the SAP GUI application on the workstations to access the system.  You can also install the SAP GUI on your personal computer (Mac or PC) to access the system.  Use this link to download the GUI.

In the GUI use the following parameters to access the system:

Connections:    GB5  – SAP ERP Global Bike v2.11

Client:                648

User:                  Use your Access ID from this assignment list: GBI System Access ID’s

Password:         Initial Password is AIS5121T    (You’ll be prompted to supply your own password)