Business Processes, Systems & Controls

Grading and Policies


Item Weight Grade Scale
Participation    25% 94-100 A 73-76 C
Case Studies    35% 90 – 93 A- 70 – 72 C-
Exams (3)    40% 87 – 89 B+ 67 – 69 D+
Total 100% 83 – 86 B 63 – 66 D
80 – 82 B- 60 – 62 D-
77 – 79 C+ Below 60 F


Due Dates  

Each reading assignment and case study has a due date and time. Any submission made after the due date / time will result in a grade penalty unless arrangements for validated unusual or unforeseen situations have been made.



Much of your learning will occur as you prepare for and participate in discussions about the course content. The assignments, cases, and readings have been carefully chosen to bring the real world into class discussion while also illustrating fundamental concepts.  To encourage participation, 25% of the course grade is earned by preparing before class and discussing the topics in class. Evaluation is based on consistently demonstrating your engagement with the content. Assessment is based on what you contribute, not simply what you know.

  1. Reading Summary: Prepare a one (1) page summary of the reading materials. Your summary will briefly address and summarize the following 3 items. Focus on quality and brevity. I may stop reading after the 2nd sentence for any response.
    1. One specific point you took from the assigned reading (one or two sentences per reading).
    2. One question that you may likely ask your fellow classmates that facilitates discussion.Preparation before class
    3. One question still outstanding in your mind or you believe has not been adequately answered from prior readings and / or course work.
  2. Real World Control Failure: Each class will begin with a brief review of a real world scenario that represents a control failure in some organization and the ramifications of that failure.  Each student is responsible for finding a real world example and preparing a brief review using a PowerPoint (PPT) format will be provided for this purpose.   The student is responsible for presenting this review at the beginning of a class (starting with class 7) based on an agreed sign-up schedule.
  3. Participation during class – We will typically start each discussion with “opening” questions. I may ask for volunteers, or I may call on you. Students should be prepared to discuss the topics or assigned readings.Participation criteria includes: attendance, punctuality, level of preparation, professionalism, asking questions, answering questions, discussing readings, discussing case studies, contributing to group activities and contributing to a positive learning environment. Recognizing that students sometimes have unavoidable conflicts, the participation is assessed on 12 weeks (two weeks less than the number of classes)
  4. Blog Posts (URL below) – Periodically during the semester I will post ‘Q & A’ or ‘100 Second Reflection’ entries. Responses are not required but will support the participation portion of your grade.

Case Studies

  1. Exercises: We will use a teaching SAP client instance to complete the following case exercises. The exercises require successful completion of transactions and analysis on a defined teaching SAP client instance.The first 2 exercises must be completed and submitted individually. The last 3 will be completed and submitted by assigned small teams (2-3 people / team). The exercises must be completed by the defined deadline in the defined client instance. Note: remote access is possible outside the classroom.
# Exercise Due Date Due Time
1 SAP ERP GBI (Global Bike Inc.) – Procure to Pay February 4 11:59 PM
2 SAP ERP GBI (Global Bike Inc.) – Order to Cash February 25 11:59 PM
3 SAP ERP GBI (Global Bike Inc.) – Journal Entries March 17 11:59 PM
4 SAP ERP Global Bike Inc. – SOD (Segregation of Duties) March 31 11:59 PM
  1. Final: This assignment will be completed and submitted by the same assigned small teams (2-3 people / team) from the team exercise assignments. More details will be presented in class but will require the team to create and audit an internal controls framework for a chosen area. A template will be provided. There will be some time allotted during the class sessions to work on your assigned case study. It is expected that you will email me your presentation no later than April 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM. Late submissions for this deadline will result in no credit earned for this assignment


There will be three (3) exams during the semester. Two exams will occur during class time and the final exam during Final Exam week. Together these exams are weighted 40% of your final grade

In general, the exams will not be cumulative but focused on the course materials since the beginning of last exam. However, some concepts highlighted in class as a ‘Core Principle’ or ‘This may be on the Final’ may appear on any of the exams.  All exams will consist of multiple-choice, fill in the blank and short answer questions