Business Processes, Systems & Controls

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Class Video Capture

The Fox school makes it relatively easy for professors to capture the video of the classes.  It’s another way for you to participate if you cannot attend class or to review certain sections of a class lecture of discussion.

As best I can, I’ll capture all the classes and post the links here.  Unfortunately, I have a habit of pausing the video capture during breaks and not turning on.

This link has all the video’s for the class.  In addition the individual classes are here:

Week 1  January 11    Introduction

Week 2  January 25  Business Process, Assertions, Procurement Exercise

Week 3  February 1 Fraud, Procurement Exercise

Week 4  February 8 Order to Cash Process, Control Types

Week 5  February 15 Master Data, Inventory, OTC Shipping

Week 6  February 22 OTC Invoicing, Payment Receipt

Week 7  March 7  General IT Controls, Financial Controls

Week 8  March 14  Authorizations 1

Week 9  March 21  User Mgmt, SOD

Week 10  March 28  Data Migration / Interfaces, SODs

Week 11  April 4  Change Mgmt, Risk/Control Framework

Week 12  April 11  System Development Controls

Week 13  April 18  Auditing (Guest) and Emergency Access

Week 14  April 25  SAP (Guest), GRC and Character

Welcome to MIS 5121

I’m thankful to be teaching at Temple MIS and in particular this course.  Although the official course title is ‘ERP Systems’ my preferred title is ‘Business Processes, Systems and Controls’.

I’m excited to teach this class again and glad to have all of you in the class.  Together our experiences, hard work and teamwork this semester will result in a successful learning experience.

I hope you are all excited as well.  I recommend you do the following:

  • Please read the syllabus carefully about what I expect from each of you. We are all going to learn from each other so your active involvement is essential.
  • Order the main text book we’ll be using in the class (see link).  Having the text book by the first class is not a requirement but is necessary to complete the first assignment due by week 2 class.
  • Review the class schedule that includes: topics we will be covering, pre-reading, assignments and test schedule.

The first night we will go through the syllabus in detail and talk about the semester.  Then, we’ll  jump into our first class content and initial exercise.

If you have any questions send me an email or call me  on my mobile 609 206 9783.  I’m typically only on campus Monday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.   However, I can be available at other times during the week to assist you.

See you Monday evening, January 11th.