Max Snyder

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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My name is Max Snyder and I am currently a senior at Temple University. I am a Management Information Systems major at the Fox School of business pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During my time in college I’ve changed majors multiple times. Originally I started as a Biomedical Engineering Major at Penn State, where I redeclared to a Social Psychology Major and then a Computer Science Major. While I spent some time in my Computer Science courses I began getting interested in how businesses can use technology to become more efficient, but instead of becoming an MIS major I entered Temple as an Accounting Major. My main reason for this odd choice was because I didn’t know the MIS department existed or what they taught until I started my Introduction to MIS course here at Temple. While taking that class I was excited to learn about the many ways that technology can give a company a competitive edge, such as how an effective ERP system can save millions of dollars a year simply by reducing the amount of time it takes to make decisions or complete business processes. I’m glad that I switched to this major as I’ve learned a lot about how to leverage and manage technology in the business industry.


  • I am proficient in using Microsoft office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • In Excel I know how to create data visualizations as well as pivot tables for more effective data analysis.
  • I am also proficient in using Tableau to create more advanced data visualizations such as time lines and heat maps.
  • I am also skilled in using web development coding languages, specifically PHP, CSS, and HTML.
  • I am skilled in creating and managing virtual machines using Microsoft Azure
  • I’ve learned how to use Linux command prompts for ethical hacking.
  • I am proficient in MYSQL for database management.
  • I’ve earned the Comptia Project+ Certification.

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