Nicholas March

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2019


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Hello there and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Nicholas March. I am a junior MIS Major at the Fox School of Business at Temple University.

About 8 years ago, I faced the most difficult trial in my life. I was diagnosed with Synovial Cell Sarcoma, a form of cancer, in my lung. While this was a tragic event, it was also when I grew into the person I am today. To make it through treatment and recovery I needed to be positive, work hard, and know my support system. My positive attitude while I was in the hospital helped my response to medication. No matter how hard things got, I always tried to find a bright side to persevere and see it to the end.

As my health improved, I began physical therapy to be able to stand and walk again. I worked at it every day until I no longer depended on the nursing staff. Lastly, the most important aspect to my recovery was my family and friends. Without them, I don’t know how quickly my condition would have improved, or even declined. I may have lost my left lung, but I found the defining characteristics inside of me. Inadvertently, cancer made me into the determined and headstrong person I am today. I’m proud to say that I have been cancer free since March of 2010.

This experience, and many others, helped me hone my skills that will help me in both my personal life and future career. Previously, I was employed at a movie theater for about 3 years. In that span, I took on more and more responsibility and began managing entire teams in various areas. This demonstrated my willingness to learn and take pride in my company, and also vastly improved my communication and interpersonal skills having to delegate tasks, and have a respecting team to carry them out.

In my spare time, I am always seeking to learn more. I currently am teaching myself how to write various computer languages using free instructional platforms. While not an expert, I have experience with Java, PHP, C++, Python, HTML5, CSS, and SQL. Additionally, courses at school have helped me learn all of Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Azure, and Linux (Ubuntu distribution) in greater detail.

My career goal ultimately is to work in the cyber security field, or as a business analyst. While very different directions, both are subjects that fascinate me the most. I hope to have a job to begin this journey as I am graduating, preferably one that relocates me toward the west coast so I can experience different areas of the US.



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