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Related Courses 

Data Analytics

Data and Analytics class requires learning SQL, NoSql, MongoDB. The course provides a foundation for database systems and analyzing business data. Specifically, we dwelled into understanding the transactional and analytical database. We had hands-on activities with tools like MySQL and MongoDB. Data visualization is also introduced in the class, learning the primary principals of visualizing data. This course has helped me understand more about how data analysts can extract complex data and use the information to make decisions in a business. Through this class, I learned that I am interested in data visualization, building reports, dashboards, models, and tools to analyze data.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development is coding intensive, provides hands-on programming using open software. We used Visual Studio Code to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students are required to identify problems and find solutions to make the code run successfully. I was always interested in learning how to code and build a website. To Program a website and add interactivity with the code I made is very exciting.

Digital Systems

Management Information Systems course is an introductory course that introduces API, cybersecurity, ERP, ERD, and basics of programming in Javascript. I was able to learn about how crucial digital identity is and created my E-portfolio. As a future IT professional, it is essential to have a digital presence.

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