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Over the summer, I had the opportunity to spend my time working with Easy Events Planning company in their technology department. I was in a group of 8 interns, where I was given responsibilities to lead the team. I oversaw the team and their progress. My responsibilities included scheduling meetings, writing up project reports, and communicating updates to the CEO.

My Team worked on WordPress, creating blog posts, and adding Amazon affiliate links to each item on the post. An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains an ID or username. Affiliate links are used to record the traffic that is sent to the store’s website. When someone clicks into the affiliate link we added to the blog post, a browser cookie will be saved to their computer. Once the customer buys a product using a link we put, the company receives commission or credit for directing customers to their site. Our team had to make sure the blog post was visually appealing and consistent. We used HTML and CSS to alter image sizing, blog post page layout, and overall visuals.

I learned a lot of communication and leadership skills from this internship. Relating it to MIS, I was able to utilize coding I learned in both MIS 2101 and MIS 2402. I was able to have hands-on experience with the concepts I learned in these classes to make the blog post both appealing and effective.

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