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MIS Major Courses

Course Semester Description
Managing Cybersecurity Across the Enterprise (MIS 4596) SP 21 Coming soon
Lead Global Digital Projects (MIS 3535)  FL 20 In this course, I learned how to create digital products for clients using the SCRUM framework. I worked on a team to enhance the features of our client’s website on Squarespace. Specifically, I worked on an improved application form that synced with Google Drive. I also made a data visualization dashboard for the client to get a better understanding of their application responses.
Application Integration and Evaluation (MIS 3502)  SP 20 In this course, I learned how to create simple API’s and develop code on both the client-side and server-side. I strengthened my Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and Bootstrap skills in this course. For my final project, I created the administrative side of a scavenger hunt, which allowed the admin to create, edit, and delete different games. This course truly tied together all of the previous MIS courses I’ve taken, and it allowed me to see the big picture of everything I’ve learned over the past two years.
Enterprise IT Architecture (MIS 3406)  FL 19 In this course, I learned how to deploy cloud-based applications through Amazon Web Services. As Professor Doyle would say, “AWS is the best thing since sliced bread,” which I discovered to be true through this course. I learned how to create EC2 instances, RDS instances, auto-scaling groups, and more. Most importantly, I learned the importance of cloud computing and am prepared to use it in the professional world.
Digital Solutions Studio (MIS 3506)  FL 19 In this course, I studied Norman’s design concepts and the effects of User Experience (UX) on consumers. The ability to practice good UX principles during the SDLC is extremely beneficial to any project that involves technology. Being able to empathize with the user will ultimately lead to an effective design that is enjoyable to everyone involved. This course is my favorite in the MIS sequence because I had the opportunity to improve a real website by conducting research, running usability tests, and eventually creating my own prototype through WordPress. Click HERE to view my final project for this class.
Data-Centric Application Development (MIS 2402)  SP 19 In this course, I learned web-based programming languages such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript. I used these elements to design simple web pages. I also worked with APIs, Ajax, and JSON to retrieve and post data to foreign servers.
Data Analytics (MIS 2502) SP 19 This course was split into two parts. The first part focused on creating ERDs and database schemas for transactional databases. I also gained experience in writing SQL queries in order to retrieve data from a database. The second part of this course focused on data analytics using an analytical data store. I used R and RStudio to create decision trees, clustering segmentation, and association rules to analyze data and make informed decisions from it. This is my favorite MIS course to date because I enjoyed exploring how data can be used to improve organizations. I worked as an ITA for this course for 1 semester.
Information Systems in Organizations (MIS 2101) FL 18 In this course, I learned how businesses utilize information technology to improve functionality. I learned about several types of information systems such as customer relationship management systems, supply chain management systems, and enterprise resource planning. Additionally, I learned how to diagram business processes through swim-lane diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams, and decision trees. The course also allowed me to design my e-portfolio and find opportunities to earn MIS pro points. I served as the Diamond Peer Teacher for this course for 1 semester and an ITA for an additional semester.
Data Science (MIS 0855) FL 18 In this course, I learned the importance of data for all types of organizations. I learned how to store, analyze, and organize data to make better decisions. Additionally, I gained experience with Tableau software, Microsoft Excel, and Piktochart to make data visualizations and infographics. I worked as an ITA for this course for 4 semesters.

Business Analytics Minor Courses

Course  Semester Description
Customer Data Analytics (MKTG 3509) FL 21 In progress
Design of Experiments and Quality Control (STAT 2523) FL 21 In progress
Data Analytics and Statistical Computing (STAT 2521) SP 21 Coming soon

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