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Project PayForward

  1. Include the name of the advisor, other team members, scope, results, project URL (if applicable), and what you learned in a brief paragraph.
    • Advisor: Lauren Klapper
    • Partner: Eleanor Sicko
    • Client: Deirdre Jones-Lowman, a local career and professional development coach.
      • Redesigned the client’s WordPress website to improve accessibility and user experience.
      • Installed security and analytics plugins to reduce spam and track website traffic.
    • This project allowed me to strengthen my UX design skills by conducting a full website redesign. I was able to install analytical plugins for the client to get a better understanding of her customer demographics. My team also worked with the client to create a new logo for the business. The client was a pleasure to work with and the website turned out great!
  2. Once approved, the description is automatically displayed in a post on your e-portfolio.
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